reality surfingTake a vacation with your mind. Imagine your light body shimmering around you, imagine yourself being in a favorite place whether it is the ocean or the mountains or the forest or the middle of a lake or even the middle of guy. Take a vacation in your mind and allow your human consciousness to travel to a place of your dreams and as you would ensconce yourself in that place, in that reality, allow all else within you to fall away until you fully immerse yourself in that place, in that experience. Know that you are now in your Multi-Dimensional Self experiencing that reality in that timeline fully.

And yes, it is easy to pull your focus your consciousness back into your human self and return to your current Earth reality goings-on. But there’s no need to do it now. If you feel fear or trepidation you may pang back to your Earth consciousness realize you’re still where you are in your life and smile with a great knowing that you can come and go you can jump timelines in traverse realities at will, it is that easy.

Now we ask you to go within again and use your human mind to take you back on vacation. Travel back to the place of your dreams and fully immerse yourself in that reality once again. Where are you? What is the scenery look like? Are you out in nature? Who is with you? sit back and enjoy this experience knowing that you are truly there in a different timeline, and another multi-dimensional reality. For it is all possible

If I focus too intensely on any one reality the others tend to fall away. The key to surfing multiple realities it wants is to picking one reality, immerse yourself in it for just a moment and pull back into your Multi-Dimensional Self so you participate in that reality from far, putting it up on the screen rather than being very much in it. There will come a time when we can be very much in all of them and jump from one to the other to the other we do it to a degree in split screen but now as we are adjusting to multiple realities all at once it is important for our expansion to ping one, step back and enjoy it while I’m able to see others, have the experience of pinging multiple realities at once. Practice going back and forth, in between and seeing more than one, experiencing all to some degree at once.

If we get frenetic as we focus too deeply on one reality all others fall apart in that frenetic energy. It pulls us out of the frequency where we can see all of the realities joining this one. So return focus inward and relax, return to the cool calm contentment. When you notice you have fallen out of the frequency go within, regain your expansion, returning to multi-dimensional state of being for that is where you truly exist. That is where all realities exist.