There will be a series of high frequency blasts over the next year on your planet. These energy bursts will realign a great many on your planet more so than ever before. All of the hardships as you see them that Humanity has gone through in the past two plus years and really over the past decades have been for the purpose of opening and elevating so when it was time for Humanity to ascend at a more rapid pace bodies and minds would be ready. So the major points in your first timelines of equinoxes and solstices, lunar and solar eclipses, and even some full moons will serve as atomic jumping off points for new frequencies to embed within and permeate Humanity.

Remember the only thing humans have to do is let it in. Open to the flow and find themselves with more ease and Grace, falling at a higher rate and watching their lives intertwine more beautifully and easily. Love will prevail and the intensity begins on this spring equinox.

And remember that with intensity there is nothing to fear, it is not going to be painful. The intensity is how some will deem the frequency but it has always been that when you release and surrender you allow the frequency in to your physical body and your light body. This allows DNA re-calibration which in turn allows more expanded frequencies to permeate and assimilate. Thus it is the torroidal field, a cycle never ending.

We ask you to remember that 5D is a state of mind and a state of being far before it’s a state of place. You create your 5D world with your frequency, imagination and dreams. You want to live on a beautiful island? Is that the 5D place you’ve created in your meditations? Then as you flow, more and more opportunities come your way, leading you to a beautiful Island that you can easily have. Thus you create your 5D world with your higher dimensional thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Dear ones it has been building in your reality for far more time than you could ever imagine and Humanity has finally reached a level of frequency integration where larger longer jumps are entirely possible and already happening for some. Pull out your faith and trust and your hope and compassion and love and remember to stay in the flow, stay in your Divine neutrality throughout anything you see or hear or experience. Believe it to be for your good. Believe it to be a necessary step on your path of Ascension and you will flow right through it and find yourself climbing the steps. For Ascension is in full swing and if you look you will see the proof of it and you will watch your life elevate and expand. So beloveds welcome to the flow to 5D.
Does that mean you’ll see the end of suffering? It is true, there are still a great many humans in suffering situations and conditioned to suffer. Think of it as a scale. Everyone has moved up on the scale and those that have returned to Source Consciousness, they will see their creations appearing before them and will embrace them. Those in the midst of great suffering will feel differently inside and will start to see a possibility to end their suffering. Step by step, some little, some giant depending on the willingness of each human personality. For belief is everything. Curiosity, excitement and expectation lead to belief. Fear does not. So when a creation appears before one, if that human shows a curiosity, they are excited about the possibility, it will fuel that creation and it will become more and more present until it is tangible. Call it giving hope.
Yes, there is chaos all around, but all humans have the innate ability to move into the calmness of their inner being, their I Am consciousness, then they will hold true to their hopes and dreams and desires and they will create based on that.
Has Source thrown a calm over humanity? Not exactly, as humans have free will to a very great degree So they may choose to be calm today or tomorrow or next year or next decade. So many humans are feeling the connection to their Source consciousness and by doing so they’re moving into the arena of hope and faith and trust and dreams and wishes and manifestations. It is happening. The threshold has been crossed and more and more are waking up as you would say. So hold onto hope and faith for them and send much love and compassion daily so that each may feel their Source awareness and consciousness within them and move in that direction.
You asked if I Am put the calm on the planet and the truth is you are I Am therefore you absorbed the new, moved into the I Am consciousness, which created the calm. So you could say we are doing it together but you are Source consciousness, you are the I Am, so you have done it on your own, in human form, by recognizing the inner spirit that has always resonated with it and is pure love, pure Source. Go deeper in that as you have been doing and from that space radiate love and compassion and the colorful higher frequencies that you love to engage in. Do it often throughout the day, everyday and watch as other humans find their thread of calm Source consciousness.