Summer Solstice 2022The Summer Solstice is upon us and it brings with it an anchor point in these new frequencies. The veil between dimensions is very much thinning, allowing us to reach much higher frequencies, much more expanded awareness. 2022 has already brought so much empathic activation and interconnectedness / oneness. Now is the time to anchor that in, get comfortable in your new abilities, these new frequencies and soar. Using our intuition becomes so much easier now and so much more important as seeing the bigger picture in any situation allows us to make better choices. Using intuition can guide us to more balance and harmony in life and with others.

This Solstice Portal also ushered in many lightworkers / wayshowers merging their crown chakra and root chakra back into Spirit. That process is a grand step in moving from physical body to light body, from being a human being having a spiritual experience to being a higher dimensional spiritual being having a human experience. So remember that your intuition is now grounded in Source energy, you are connected, the intuition flows. And your anchoring and grounding is no longer in this game, it is securely in Source, unfailing.