Walk-insIn the US we are still in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend which is extremely materialistic in the days following turkey Thursday. As an empath it’s interesting to feel such immense gratitude flowing across the US and affecting the frequency of the entire Earth on Thursday and then on Friday it’s all gone, replaced with an emptiness with a twinge of desperation. And now that stores have caught on and made sales all weekend and created a Cyber Monday the emptiness and materialism continues for 4 days. So I create my own gratitude grid, although it’s awfully nice to feel the entire US vibrating with the gratitude and love rather than just my house!

Also I asked Spirit about the upleveling, the fast track we’re on now through the winter solstice. I hear, take a good look around, for you are there. There are many senses within your human self. So do not expect to always see it or always hear it. Sometimes it’s just a knowing or perhaps just a feeling. Get quiet and open all your senses and you shall see the higher frequencies, the new worlds, all around. You can connect with these new worlds, communicate, in so many ways. Again, through seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing. Telepathy is not the only way. And what is telepathy but a deep sense of knowing?

Once you are communing with new worlds and new beings you will realize that these worlds are very familiar and these beings are actually higher versions of yourself. For you know all of this! It is not new, it is simply remembered and reconnected. For that is what (re) Ascension is, reconnecting with all that which you have cut yourself off from in order to play the 3D game.

And it is now time to break through the game and return to True Self. To remember and reclaim all that you truly are – pure Divine Source. There are always a myriad of ways to reconnect. Again, through seeing, hearing, sensing. Watch videos, do meditations, whether they’re guided or your own, talk with others, and most of all use your imagination, for it is the portal to your Multi-Dimensional Mind. Yes, the door was always within you to return home, to return to your native frequency of Divine Sourceness. Now is the time to walk through that door.