I’m in the redwood forest in Northern California and basking in the feeling of Ancient Ones, very ancient civilizations and energy, the likes of which we have not seen in current times. Makes me wonder if the Native Americans centuries ago vibrated this highly. The way the Hopi talk in Northern Arizona about Star people I think there was a great difference in frequency before white man took over USA. I asked the trees if they have a message for me, Humanity & for (Re) Ascension.

“Yes little one, our message is to persevere, to expand yourself into the nothingness that is the everything. As we stand here in our simplicity and our existence, we are the epitome of nothingness which is the all. You can find that within yourself and touch that spot deep inside where the spark of your soul lives, where that very expansive ancient energy of what you speak resides. The more often you visit that space deep within yourself the more you run the expansive frequencies throughout your bodily systems so the higher, more expansive you will vibrate on a normal basis.”

“And yes your ancient human Native Americans did live a much more expansive frequency, living closer to Gaia and far closer to Star People than you would ever imagine. Your channeling of Arcturians and Pleiadians is nothing new, for the Star People were the very guides to Native Americans centuries ago.”

“Your Industrial Revolution began a frequency descent of which you Humanity are now beginning to dig yourself out of. You are now re=centered in your Souls and finding your Fifth Dimension.”

“We wish for all of Humanity to connect deep in the forest or on the lakes and oceans,  to return to a truer vibration. You will find in your 5th Dimensional New Earth much more nature much more easily accessible. And in 5th Dimension you return to total communication with nature, meaning you can hear the trees talk, you communicate with the animals, you understand the wind. You’re wood sprites and elemental are your friends in higher dimensions as you simply don’t realize their existence in your current Transitional Earth state.”

“With the energy of (Re) Ascension you can return to this forest over and over. Bi-locating is quite possible, simply focus your energy on these trees and put yourself back here anytime you’d like to re-align and expand your frequency.”

I asked the trees what they know of the upcoming photon blasts and portal openings and all that stuff. Their response was, “we know nothing of all of ,that we are here simply to caretake the expansive frequencies in order for Humanity to partake for we experience all frequencies always.”

“Open your heart Little One, always believe that everything is possible. it is all here, love, career, health, home. It is all here now in a frequency band, a reality, a timeline. Choose that one, live in that one and you will see all things possible come true.”

I sat for a long time in those trees and dissolved into the nothingness that is everything…