January 2023 retrogrades

This is some serious push pull energies were in right now. The good news is that the full moon June 3rd really upped our intuition, which also increases our creativity & creations thus manifestations. The offset of that is that we’re still going through the endings, completions from the latest eclipses. And for humans endings tend to trigger fears and insecurities.

Archangel Aurora is telling us, “The chasm between human and spirit  (between fear and faith) is growing so you must ask yourself in every situation, which direction do you want to go? Do you wish to blindly, or sometimes consciously, follow your human patterns, programming or fears? Or do you wish to move into trusting your intuition more, gathering the information and the energies to make higher choices that keep you in contentment, happiness, abundance & success rather than continued suffering.”
“As time speeds up it is more important than ever to take that pause in every situation. Step back and tune into your awareness and consider your options. How do you want to act or react in this situation? For the choices you make now create your future.”
“We are always with you, supporting you,  yet we cannot change your frequency. Only you can. So raising your vibration allows us to support higher levels of creation for you, which will indeed shift your future.”