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September Equinox 2021

September Equinox 2021 Uplevel​With the Equinox upon us there is yet another major shift in energy for Humanity and throughout the planet. The uplevel brought in on the Lion’s Gate of 8/8 allows many more to reach the higher frequencies and let go of the old, of that which no longer serves.

Humanity has had about 6 weeks to let go of all and fly in the new frequencies and the Equinox is fully anchoring them in and releasing the old stories, timelines and realities. Those frequencies are no longer supported in this version of Humanity and Gaia.
For those that have embraced the new, they will find much relief as the old timelines have fallen away for good and everything feels lighter, easier, more magical, shimmering.
For those that spent the past 6 weeks attempting to cling to the old and experiencing the pain, suffering and discomfort, they too will find those old timelines dropping away and they will be free falling if they do not uplevel to the new frequencies. 
Yes this can mean another exit point for many who chose not to participate in the complete journey of (re)Ascension. But have no fear, it is simply a Soul choice and they return to Source, to Oneness.
We ask you to focus on the new frequencies and the feeling of creation and lightness, of ease and speed. For that is the reality you have anchored yourself in and you will find this last quarter of the year to be the fastest moving and easily manifested arena of your life to date.
So utilize that. If you have been focused on problems in your life, whether they be emotional, mental or physical, we ask that you turn away and reach for the new frequencies, for there is still time to anchor in the new and continue this journey.
Choose magic or choose suffering. The choice is yours. 

5D is a State of Being!

5D is a state of being5D is a state of being! It is a state within the energetic mental and emotional bodies long before the physical state. Each and every time you find yourself in a moment of peace or contentment or joy or love you have expanded your frequency into the fifth dimension. And every time you do that and for however long you hold it, you are bringing that dimension down to the rest of humanity. When people say spread the love that’s exactly it. For energy initiated is energy spread. You can find that when you meditate or pray or go inward and visualize a dream you are putting yourself in the 5D frequency the 5D realm and the more often you do that the more you visit the more you stay. And that’s manifestation, that’s when you see life change around you. Not just for you but for others in your inner circle as well as others around the world. For, again, when you bring it they will feel it. Try it now!

Lion’s Gate 2021 – Quantum Upleveling!

Lion's Gate 2021The Lions Gate on 8/8, which can be thought of as a huge Sirian portal opening, is ushering in a massive up leveling for Humanity and Earth. I have said before that  Gaia already lives multi-dimensionally and experiences 3D alongside of us simply to enhance and support our experience, not because she’s stuck here due to anything humans do..

It is our Souls that sent an aspect of Self, a Soul Spark, into Humanity to experience 3D and the (re)Ascension process, back to 5D. While the chasm between 3D and 5D has grown bigger over the pandemic the Lions Gate will usher in a major up leveling of Humanity, closing that gap to a good degree.
What does that mean for us? Well, for those that are teachers, guides, light workers, way showers, we will have a much easier go of it as we do not have to contract as much to meet clients where they are. Although we can consistently clear ourselves, think of our bodies as magnetic, we are always bringing some of the lower vibration back with us and there are times where it’s hard to return to our higher vibration when we’ve gone through an event or a session that was extremely intense.
For people that are newly Awakening, this quantum uplevel allows you the ability to raise your vibration, expand your frequency, to a good degree at once, which means you understand more and can process the changes easier and experience less Ascension symptoms. For awareness is the first step in this and many other processes and this quantum up level brings in so much more awareness to all of Humanity. And yes, that means many changes on our planet, in all our systems: food, government, health, so much more. Less fear and more love changes the landscape of this 3D Earth game!
So this weekend many people will feel knocked out, totally out of it, unable to keep up their usual tasks, routines. So please give yourselves a break, use your awareness to see the shift flow with the process. Cut yourself some slack, just breathe and flow. We all come out of it next week healthier happier and at a much higher vibration. One that will play out for the better in the rest of 2021!


July 9 New Moon Portal

pleiadian collective​As a true multi-dimensional being you have many changes coming up. For they are upon you. This new moon July 9th is a propeller of sorts, a trampoline that will skyrocket so many into an expanded frequency that their human cells may feel they are not prepared for. It is the fireworks and the bursting open that you have seen coming for the past couple several months. It is now upon Humanity and understand that there are a great many that will not understand their sudden and rapid expansion of awareness and the renewed abilities that come with it.

Dearest one, understand the physical vessel must be prepared for the jump in frequency, for that expansion belongs to the light body and if the physical body is not on board, has not released most all of the patterns, programs, pain and suffering, those humans will experience physical issues. Of course it is easy to experience mental and emotional distress due to the rapid expanding of awareness coupled with the human non-understanding and the ego mind attempting to contain it, which is impossible. So yes, there could be a great many of those experiencing pain in many ways and we tell all of them: just let go. Accept, stay positive, and roll through it, for it is necessary for your expansion. You cannot pour water into a vace that is already full. It has been known since your days of Jesus to empty the vessel in order to fill it with pure Spirit, Divine Source Energy.
So for those that are experiencing pain or suffering or trauma or much discomfort during this time we ask you to focus on accepting and letting go and staying absolutely neutral and focusing on the positive in life. If your only choices of emotions are neutral or positive then how would you react in any given situation? Practice that.
For those that have been releasing and dissolving all that no longer serves their highest good and their highest joy, you are ready. For them we would say, accept all that comes by. Whether it be more telepathy or more empathic-ness or more connection to what you call higher dimensions. Accept it all. Know that you are safe, you are always protected and provided for, for you are Spirit itself. So when you begin to shift timelines or come in contact with galactic beings and you feel it is happening to you rather than you initiating it, remind yourself that you are safe and you are a multidimensional being of unconditional love and Divine Light, therefore these experiences are wonderful progressions of returning to True Self. Replace fear with excitement or in the very least, curiosity. Just as the others, remain neutral or positive and just roll with it and you will find that you integrate these experiences and these abilities very quickly, for this is part of (re)Ascension. 
Also, there are very few that would pop into 5D New Earth without a clue of what’s going on, for they need their personal vibration to resonate with 5D in order to see it, experience it and remain in that experience. So, in essence, the only way you would ascend is if you are open and accepting about (re)Ascension. So the minute you begin having an experience tell yourself that you are safe and protected, tell yourself that you are excited and curious and can’t wait to understand this experience and then sit back and enjoy it. Ask questions, learn more, trigger your memories because we guarantee that you started here and you put the veil upon yourself so it is simply you returning to this resonance which you have experienced in your infinite Source-ness.
Enjoy the ride Dearest Ones for it is getting really fun!

Releasing After The Solar Eclipse

Releasing after the Solar EclipseSpeaking with the I Am consciousness and it was explained that all frequencies are always existent. They are always there we simply are unaware of them.

A solar eclipse is more like having the key to the lock, not bringing a portal through. Unless your definition of a portal is giving yourself the ability to expand your own consciousness in order to see that which is always there, always existent.
So what the solar eclipse ushers in is the actual DNA shift within the human body to allow viewing of the more expansive higher frequencies. And as we view higher frequencies we naturally as humans slough off the old compressed frequencies, meaning the feelings of sadness or anger and all patterns or programming that has sufficed throughout your life but can no longer survive in these expanded frequencies.
Those who are already multi-dimensional will be bathed in these higher frequencies and will find it easier to exist in higher dimensions and participate in more. 
Those that have no knowledge of this, who secured their veil when they entered 3D, many of them will feel their veil shaken. For it is simply a soul contract stated in your terms: I will wake up on this date, whether it be sudden or gradual it is all written pre-incarnation.
As a human you ask, can we change or go against our Soul contracts? As Spirit we will say was it part of your contract or was shifting and changing part of that contract? Or are you literally altering your contract on Earth? There is much for humans to remember about contracts and blueprints and Soul purposes.
And at this moment and actually all moments that is completely irrelevant. Focus on the message not the messenger. It matters not whether your Soul is contracting you to lift your veil now or tomorrow or in 10 years, what is important is if you wish to then you do so. You ask for it and you monitor and you begin to notice every point of expanded awareness until they grow and grow and grow and you practice getting into the expanded awareness until it becomes very easy to shift into full screen from the mini-screen of 3d.
Many humans are going to find themselves viewing the full screen or more easily connecting with others feelings and thoughts and they will find themselves surprised or startled or scared and those are the ones that will be needing assistance to recognize what they are now able to do.
And yes, there will be some on your planet that have released the veil and are definitely clinging to 3D and strongly ignoring, with all their might, all of the nuances of expanded awareness, attempting to keep themselves in their same human belief patterns of existence. But we will say when you have woken up there is no denying it. The symptoms, the abilities, are going to continue to expand to the point that you have no ability to stay out of multi-dimensionality. So for those wrestling, again with all their might, to stay in 3D we will say:
That which you do not choose to release in love and truth and flow will be released anyway and you will often feel it ripped from you. It is the old human adage: we can do this the hard way or the easy way. It is now the dawning of the easy way so we would urge humans feeling these symptoms to search the internet and find a teacher or mentor or friend that can assist with your reawakening. We urge you to take the easy way because reawakening is happening.
Yes there are those that are scheduled to leave and not witness reawakening at all and again that is simply a Soul choice created before birth. But for the majority on your planet you are here now to reawaken that is why you are participating in this now time. So we urge you to take the easy way and we also say with love that we are here if you choose the hard way. You can call upon us, upon Spirit, upon your angels, upon your guides, upon God itself if you so choose. Call out for help and you will find you have always been loved and supported and assisted. Feel it, know it to be true.


What Will the Eclipse & Solstice Bring?

July 2021 forecastIt is no coincidence that the solar eclipse is in the middle of the night for the United States for that first world country clings mightily to the old programs that keep it on top so shall we say.

So by having the eclipse during the night when the human brain is offline and the multi-dimensional mind can come in and govern the human body. That is why meditation works so well because it is akin to sleep, it relaxes the human mind and takes it offline so that the multi-dimensional mind can take over and govern the human. That is why those that practice multi-dimensionality, practice shifting their awareness from the human and the 3D to the multi-dimensional mind and all dimensions.
Yes it is possible for humans to focus on multiple dimensions and states of being at once. It is the natural state of Consciousness although humans have put down a veil around them to participate in 3D. And these veils are scheduled to lift after the solar eclipse. So between the solar eclipse and the Solstice there can be, depending on how open one is to expanding their consciousness, there can be a beautiful opening and expanding of awareness.
Or doing it the hard way rather than the easy way there can be a lot of ripping apart of old patterns, programs, relationships, ways of being, thoughts and feelings. We urge you to take the easy way, for we guarantee you will love what is on the other side of this struggle. And again if you choose the easy way there is no struggle there is only moments of bliss as you anchor in your ability to transcend dimensions and frequencies. To return to your native state of multi-dimensionality.

Many will feel in the month of July everything move into its new place in their inner and outer world. Again that’s going to wreak a lot of havoc and create chaos for those that do not wish to let go of the old but the lower frequency patterns and programs simply cannot exist in the more expanded frequencies, the higher dimensions that are now being embraced upon the planet. So we ask again: the hard way or the easy way? But July is going to be a major adjustment month for those that have been fighting their (re)Ascension

For those that open to (re)Ascension July will be a month of much bliss and manifestation so start creating the new Earth world you wish to reside in.
Manifestation will become easier as you remain in the flow as you now have access to higher frequencies of creation, which have always existed but very few were accessing them due to donning the veil of separation in order to embark on a 3D life. This is simply the scheduled moments of (re)Ascension. This is all a game that your Souls have chosen for pure experience. And now it is time to experience (re)ascending.
Many of you are witnessing a change in your metabolic state for as you continue to expand your awareness and your body continues to shift as you move from physical body into light body and you experience a shift in eating and drinking and digestion, in your needs for food and drink.
And no, you are not all moving to vegan or breathetarian or aquaterian, you may continue to enjoy that which you have but return to: the easy way or the hard way. You simply will not feel a craving for these foods or drinks any longer and when you do reach for them out of a comfort mechanism then how well they are digested is completely up to yourself. If you accept that you’re doing this and you find enjoyment during the eating and you accept later that while you were trying to quit this you did indulge and you accept that’s what your body or mind wanted at the moment and seriously accept it and move on, that allows the items to process through your energy field more quickly.For those that beat themselves up for ingesting it is those that are going to take the hard route to digesting.
A good deal of (re)ascension entails acceptance. The process, as we have outlined for a great many years with Tracy is:
1. Recognizing & Acknowledging the event, item, feeling, etc.
2. Accepting what is
3. Surrendering fully to it
4. Transcending it or walking right through it.
Those steps will serve you quite well during the solstice and for the rest of this year and the next. For this may be a rather fast process for those that are embracing multi-dimensionality, are feeling they’re reawakening and are running with it. But the great majority of Humanity is clinging to their old ways and resorting to fear of anything new including lifting their veil and all the abilities that come with it.
That is why many prefer to stay out of public: because Humanity has turned on their ability to be empathic last year during the pandemic (and may have been empathic for a good long time) thus one could feel they are literally in a waterfall of fear and loss as humans grieve that which they no longer have in their experience rather than looking forward to the beautiful replacement that comes with expanding awareness and higher frequencies.
As more and more humans embrace the benefits of expanding their awareness it will take down the level of fear on the planet and make the future much more enjoyable. But understand, those that are embracing these frequencies and expanding their awareness are going to find themselves in a different state of being, a 5D state of mind, and they will no longer encounter those that are swimming in fear. So the division of worlds occurs within the mind as it is a state of being. Friends that always got you down will cease to call you and you will choose to vacation in places that as you say lift your spirits. That is the separation between 3D and 5D and it has been occurring for quite some time but it will ramp up very strongly after the solar eclipse and throughout the summer.
We have stated before, by the Fall equinox you will have a very different planet. Because there are so many humans no longer fighting to keep the old. The majority has spoken and the tide is turning and the more and more people that enjoy the higher frequencies others will witness that happiness and wish for it themselves and that is how a teacher, mentor is born. Yes many of you contracted to become teachers upon this planet. To reawaken early and help others to awaken.
Shifting into 5D is easier than you think as it is simply shifting thoughts and feelings which shift frequencies and thus shift one into the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness. There needs be no fighting, no war and no negativity. It is often a long road to get from there to here due to all of the humans wishing to keep power over, to keep their power and control as they’ve enjoyed the kingly ride. But it is all coming to an end and much of it already has, you just have not yet seen the evidence. That sight requires full faith and trust that it has been dismantled and will continue to crumble under the hands of those in power. And we do not have to say give it time for the more you stay in higher dimensions and expanded frequencies the more you will see the evidence of its crumbling and the more you will stay in a frequency that truthfully is not touched by their power and control. It is up to each human to decide where they want their focus and awareness. In crumbling 3D of power over or in the higher dimensions of power within and unconditional love. It is your choice 3D Earth / current Earth or New Earth, which again is a state of being, a state of mind, far more than it is any place you can take an airplane to. Or a starship.
So back to dates, it will be a rocky road between the solar eclipse and the summer solstice as there will be a lot of releasing and a lot of resistance to releasing and bringing in the higher frequencies. So we suggest the more you meditate or get into flow or calm yourself and shift your awareness and focus to higher dimensional frequencies the easier it will be for you. And remember if you get lost, if you fall down, if you fall off the wagon, accept that and get back to it. Just keep moving. For you will move through it as your Soul has contracted this. Take the easy route.
And after the solstice you will find July to be very blooming and blossoming for those committed to acceptance and expansion and (re)ascension. For Humanity as a whole July can be a very turbulent month as many will try to cling to the old. And yes mass meditation and envisioning all of Humanity embracing multi-dimensionality is very effective and helps greatly, for just as rain touches everyone so does frequency. Your thoughts and feelings reach others and for those that are not conscious of higher dimensions they are absorbing your thoughts and feelings, through being empathic, so why not project success in releasing the old and embracing the new, success in reaching the 5D State of mind where harmony and bliss reside. Wish for truth and honesty and happiness and contentment. Send much love and compassion through the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness link and others will feel it. So you can do your part even alone in your home in 1 minute of meditation twice a day. Of course we suggest more often and for longer periods but that is completely up to you for this is your experience. We are simply here as part of you, as your Infinity consciousness, we are here to assist.
So July does not have to be turbulent. Embrace your abilities and continue to expand your awareness and you will find by your Fall Equinox it is a very different planet indeed, one you have hoped and wished for.

Ancestral Healing Method


It is true that when you heal your ancestral line of pain, trauma, suffering, patterns and more, you are healing up your line, across your lines, your other Soul Spark lives and all other lines. Understand that energy radiates and permeates. It is like air, it is everywhere. Think of fog.
There are those that have few connections and there are those that have many. It is simply a choice of your Soul in any incarnation, how many lives it wishes to bring forth the connections. There are those on your planet that are deeply connected to all races, all tribes, all of history. And there are those that are connected only several generations for the this incarnated life and those who chose to hold nothing or close to nothing. Again it is a choice, there is no good or bad. There is simply your Soul’s choice of experience in this current incarnation.
What is one ancestral healing process of many that a human may engage in?
1. Find your happy place, go inward and find Divine Neutrality. And that is different for all people. How you ask? You may think of happy things, events or pets or look at yourself in a mirror until you shift and into the void or repeat your mantras or affirmations of your true nature or sit in quietude and go inward, search for the light, the flame within and when you find it you will be seated in Source. As you truly are always, with or without your active awareness of that fact.
2. Once you’ve gone inward and found neutrality, in your mind’s eye picture total darkness, the void, the nothingness. Then picture yourself seeing a small light or flame in the distance and walk towards it. Or better yet picture that flame within your heart chakra as Divine Source light, your light of Source, your eternal Divinity. Either way, focus on that light or flame until it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as it grows the light radiates more and more until you find yourself completely consumed by the light.
If it is a flame picture the flame consuming you and it doesn’t hurt, it simply and beautifully burns off all that is no longer needed. But when you are sitting in the light and you are completely consumed and your inner screen, your mind’s eye, turns from darkness to light. Whether it be white or iridescent or golden, it matters not. They are all simply different frequencies of the Divine. Sitting in that pure light start to focus on yourself and realize you have dissolved into pure Spirit. You are now Source. You have returned to Source you have re-merged with God for you are God always.
3. Once you are feeling your oneness with pure Source energy ask your Soul, ask Source to show you the lines, show you all the connections then look out and see all the lines, all the beautiful etheric threads coming from your center all the way out in all directions. Know these are your ancestral lines, your other life lines, all these lines are lives and experiences connected to your current incarnation. And if you do not see them then simply imagine them for they truly exist whether they are seen, felt or believed.Your imagination will lead to the same healing as true sight for intention is everything. So imagine 6 lines or 600, it matters not.
4. As you see the lines, draw the experiences from them, literally downloading the information packets from all of those lives as pure experiential information. It is the mental suffering and emotional pain and suffering and the patterns & programming that you are to release, not the information, the “lesson learned” as humans say. For the information gathered serves you across lives.
Imagine you extrapolating the experience, extracting it from those lines, cataloging it within the multidimensional mind to access now or later or way in the future, it matters not. After downloading information whenever you connect to the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness, you will be able to access that information when you need it, whether it be a day, a month, a year or a decade later. If you see, sense or feel the download but cannot access the direct info now, have no fear. It is always available and will become known in divine timing for all is perfect always. So feel yourself downloading, feel your connection to the multi-dimensional mind, the unity consciousness getting stronger, bigger, deeper.
5. When the senses conclude and you feel you’ve downloaded – or you wish to be complete for now – state to Source: I am complete. I am complete with all of these experiences and all of this pain and suffering. I now dissolve connections to all other lines. I dissolve it all for I am not this mind and I am not this body, I am pure Source energy. I send love and light up each line to dissolve all pain, trauma and suffering. I am now clear, I am now complete, it is all dissolved. It often helps to take several deep slow breaths at this point, inhaling through the nose and exhaling quietly through the nose or more forcefully through the mouth. Calming or cleansing breaths to clear your field, your mind’s eye, your inner vision.
6. As you breathe, see the lines fade away and feel a lightness of being, and slowly return to the present, and when ready, open your eyes and in this current consciousness, feel the lightness of being. State again, I am complete, it is all dissolved. I am whole and complete unto myself. It is all healed and released. It all has returned to pure love and light, Source energy.
You may want to drink a lot of water after this and flush your system or take it easy for the next hour or day or two.
For many the ego mind, the human mental body, will want to get involved both during and after this process. Remember: I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am pure Source energy, a Soul participating in a human experience. If you feel the human mind getting involved, if negative thoughts pop into your head, create an affirmation and repeat it. You control your mind, it does not control you.
If desired, you may awaken every day and say I am not my mind, I am not my body, I am pure Source energy and I have dissolved all that no longer serves my highest joy, my highest awareness.Remind yourself everyday and maybe multiple times per day, I have dissolved all that is no longer pure love right I am pure Source energy I am God. Then check in with your Soul Self, your inner knowing after a day, a week, a month. Are you clear, is there more? Remember much will be brought up and one may or may not clear it all day one. There are times it is quite much for one to accomplish in one go. No self-judgement, simply acceptance and practice.
From Tracy: remember this is but one of many methods. See how it works for you. Change some words, move your hands to clear, do whatever you are called to. And it may help to find your edits and then record your meditation so you can listen and follow along daily. There are so many tools for (re)ascension, experiment and discover how to make this one yours!

Directing Your Human Mind

ascension energies

It is so easy to get lost in the Human Experience, especially during difficult times. Something to remember:
I am here to experience 3D thus transcend it. I am here to remember my True Self I am here to lose myself in 3D so that I may find myself again in return to infinite knowing.
You do not have to be governed by your patterns. You can disentangle yourself and move into spirit and unity and oneness in order to live your best life.
Remember you are not your mind, you are not your body, you are pure Source energy having a veiled experience. Thus, you govern your mind & body. It is the vehicle – you don’t let the car tell you where to go (unless it’s super windy!). You choose the direction and you steer the car. So steer your mind.
There are times when my human / ego mind wants to “run away” with a perception, belief, thought and I don’t allow it. It’s similar to when my kids were small and wanted to eat or do something and I flat out refused. I told them no lovingly and offered other solutions. But I was adamant that what they wished was not going to happen. The mind is no different. Do not allow it to govern you. Use your affirmations, found or created, and tell the mind, tell the body, what is true and what you will not allow.
So when my mind wants to go off on a rant when someone is really rude or offensive I remind it, I am a being of unconditional love and this person does not get to affect my happiness. I see the divine in them and I allow them their experience and send them love and happiness, for I am happy and I will remain that way. Yes there are times I fail and times I argue with my mind, saying out loud, we’re not going there. I deserve to be happy and I am going to stay in happiness! And I find something to make me happy – even if it’s a puppy yt video break. And if I fail, I accept that and return to happy. And if my mind wants to revisit an incident over and over, each time I become aware of it (and believe me sometimes it’s 15mins of ruminating before I realize I’m doing it!!) I return to happy. For I’m creating a new pattern, realigning my memories and cellular structure every time I return to contentment, showing myself this is my natural state, until I can maintain it through an event and no longer get triggered. Try it! Create some affirmations, reign in the mind-tantrums, for you truly do have control over your mind and body.

Realign and Rebuild Your Mind And Life

Actively Choose Your VibrationIt is all coming together. The year that Humanity has endured with this global pandemic has been not for naught. It was a very necessary process in order to release the bonds and cords and attachments that humans developed so easily. While it is easily understood that if you want to build a new building where an old decrepit one stands you must blow it up, knock it down, then you can clear out the debris and rebuild. There are those that have been clearing out debris for months and there are those that have been picketing around the old building trying to preserve anything they may. And there are those that have been giddily awaiting the rebuild or have been collecting information for the rebuild not understanding they’re already rebuilding.

This is a rebuilding month. Call it creation, call it manifestation, whatever you wish, but many are rebuilding this month. So, what do you want your life to look like? What do you want it to be? Career, love, health, and most importantly, inner joy and happiness and contentment. What would make you smile all day everyday? (And not winning the lottery) What could you feel within your life to feel contentment?
And we will give you the answer. Once you choose to feel contentment in your life all around, you will change to match that feeling. Remember this every time you have an incident or situation or event or person. When you reach for happiness within it is reflected without. For  the Universe always reflects that which is radiated, emanated
So yes humans the answer is you have to get happy within yourself before your world can be happy around you. But the good news for you is that it is going to be far easier energetically to move into the space of contentment and hold it.
How, you ask? Give you some examples? Change your thoughts. Change your feelings. Remind yourself in every moment that you, the unity consciousness within you, actually governs your human brain and ego mind, so every time something comes up that will knock you off your pedestal you have the control to change it. You have the ability to say no, I choose happiness. I see this event and I feel for those involved and I am not happy that I’m pulled into this event and I do not care for the feelings and thoughts running through my head. So I consciously step back into the ethers, into my Lightbody, into the Field, into Source. Step back into whatever you feel supports and protects you because we always do. Step back and take a few deep centering breaths and move into your heart, move into your connections to Source. Say, give me strength, give me love, give me hope and faith to return to my center, my pedestal, during this event.
The moment you recognize that you have been sucked into the emotion and thoughts of others and it is not how you wish to be, the moment you recognize you are not being, doing, feeling how you wish to, then step back call upon your team, your Angels, Source, God, whichever, because we are all surrounding you for we are All One. Step back and call for support. Take your deep breaths and tell yourself, I do not reside in this frequency, I am returning to my natural joy and happiness, faith and trust. For Unity Consciousness governs this human brain and as a Multi-Dimensional Being I choose what frequency in which I reside.
Choose whatever words work for you as the importance is to recognize that you are no longer feeling happiness, step back, clear, realign, state strongly that you govern your brain and you are returning to happiness and ask for support in returning to that happiness. Use the tools in your toolkit to climb out of that hole and return to contentment and you will see all else fall away from you. And it makes it easier for you to remain in your beautiful frequency of contentment for longer periods and to return more quickly. And that is where you will see all of the new that you are creating. For during the chaos of the pandemic Humanity did sow seeds and now it is the Spring of the blossoming. picture the seeds coming through the Earth and growing and by this summer they will all be flowering.
So ask yourself today, grab a pad of paper and write it down. What do I want to create? How do I see your life in the future? What do I want my life to be like? What do I see for love and career and family and ascension? Write it all down and refer to it often for that is what you are building now. Let the creations flow knowing you are always loved, supported and the Universe is awaiting your instructions.

Sunlight Of My Pain by Maria

ascension energiesI knew in the sunlight of my pain that I was the one whom not to blame. 
My voice carries but isn’t quite heard. 
My eyes wary but not always assured. 
My heart loves but aches for a cure,
in the sunlight of my pain with it’s cryptic allure. 
She  forces me to see beyond the smiles, and the wiles. 
Beyond the coached premonitions of false curated lifestyles.
She longs to be elevated, to dream and ascend.
Transcending the need to always obsessively comprehend. 
It’s the knowing that she wants without frills or without talk. 
Where the past, present and future merge and everything seems like a floating catwalk. 
My pain is here to remind me of this, an extension of my soul’s deserved universal bliss. 
It gets my attention when I am lost in 3D. 
It forces its hand in order to awake and show me. 
I am willing to release, surrender and be so that I can finally can see the sunlight of my pain in the who that is me.


Bringing in the New Year

Actively Choose Your Vibration

Now that it has been determined that the world will not reopen on this day there is a great sense of relief and, for some, resignation. Those with relief, those with calm, are finding they are in flow and they are wisely utilizing this time to continue their inner journey of expanded awareness. Those that are still in anger and resistance, fighting against the machine, against the tyranny, keeping their anger alive with righteous indignation, they are the ones that know in the back of their mind what is true and fear they will not achieve it if they don’t stay angry – and it’s simply not true.

Anger keeps you out of flow, it keeps you in lower vibrations. Anger is useful in very short bursts as it gets you over the hump, over the wall. Anger can be used wisely as a catalyst but only for that initial burst. After that use your awareness, see where you have landed and get comfortable there. Return to flow and allow all to transmute and release, and allow the new to enter. For that new is your true state of being, your true self’s higher vibration.
Today is your New Year’s Day in America, a sign of hope and new beginnings and celebration. Use this day to reach deep within and find your hope and faith and trust that you, as a collective of Humanity, are shifting into 5D and New Earth. Yes there may be growing pains along your path but never lose faith that you are on the path and it is happening. And every step is a necessary one, whether deemed evil or beautiful. For every step is a catalyst for more growth, more expansion, more remembering who you truly are – a being of infinite Source energy. 
So welcome each step with the calm smile of flow. Surf every wave victoriously for we are with you, within you, assisting always. You are held in the loving support of your higher versions of Self and love will prevail. For it can do nothing other.

12-12 a Day of Completion

Today is a very special day for human beings: 12.12.2020. Remember, because you do not see the completion on the outside does not mean that it hasn’t been completed. Know that today a great many have completed a great clearing of many emotional ancestral dramas, events, connections that held them in 3D. After today many will feel a greater lightness of being and easier ability to create and step into and hold on to what they decide. Now is the time.

You have all the assistance in the world behind you. Remember that which I Am dreams of is created within Humanity. So simply shift into your Creator state, into the Collective Consciousness and bring forth from that frequency and you shall see it here. And yes there are many humans that are asking for so much more than they could ever believe in. A pauper will not find a mansion at his beck and call. For this is not something they can truly believe. But you have reached and passed the threshold where, when you create something that truly is viable in your current reality, it will appear.

In the past the threshold where you created it, due to your lack the belief or the deservingness or worthiness to have it, it stayed just outside your field, waiting for you to take that last step. Now you’ve taken that last step and crossed the threshold. So now all of your creations can be seen and felt and heard, making it far easier to embrace them. Know that what you want truly is in front of you and truly is possible. The human goal this upcoming year is to create your next point on the journey, what you would call the next evolution. For now it is all possible.

Does that mean you’ll see the end of suffering? It is true, there are still a great many humans in suffering situations and conditioned to suffer. Think of it as a scale. Everyone has moved up on the scale and those that have returned to Source Consciousness, they will see their creations appearing before them and will embrace them. Those in the midst of great suffering will feel differently inside and will start to see a possibility to end their suffering. Step by step, some little, some giant depending on the willingness of each human personality. For belief is everything. Curiosity, excitement and expectation lead to belief. Fear does not. So when a creation appears before one if that human shows a curiosity, they are excited about the possibility, it will fuel that creation and it will become more and more present until it is tangible. Call it giving hope to those.
Yes, there is chaos all around, but all humans have the innate ability to move into the calmness of their inner being, their I Am consciousness, then they will hold true to their hopes and dreams and desires and they will create based on that.
So you’re saying that you’ve thrown a calm over humanity? Not exactly as humans have free will to a very great degree So they may choose to be calm today or tomorrow or next year or next decade. So many humans are feeling the connection to their Source consciousness and by doing so they’re moving into the arena of hope and faith and trust and dreams and wishes and manifestations. It is happening. The threshold has been crossed and more and more are waking up as you would say. So hold onto hope and faith for them and send much love and compassion daily so that each may feel their Source awareness and consciousness within them and move in that direction.
You asked if I Am put the calm on the planet and the truth is you are I Am therefore you absorbed the new, moved into the I Am consciousness, which created the calm. So you could say we are doing it together but you are Source consciousness you are the I Am so you have done it on your own, in human form, by recognizing the inner spirit that has always resonated with it and is pure love, pure Source. Go deeper in that as you have been doing and from that space radiated love and compassion and the colorful higher frequencies that you love to engage in. Do it often throughout the day, every day and watch as other humans find their thread of calm Source consciousness.

DNA as the Kabbalah Tree of Life Sacred Geometry

Kabalah tree of life DNA​So Creator tells me when you look at the crystalline core and the multinational DNA lit up within you are looking at only the part visible and somewhat contained by the physical vessel.

Once you overlay the Kabbalah tree of Life you get a more close representation of the Lightbody DNA structure. I’m feeling DNA about 12 inches above my crown chakra and there’s this pink line dialing into my crown and into my pineal and Creator says yes that is where we start bringing in the stronger connection. Remember all of this Lightbody DNA already exists. It is within and without, its’ connection simply wasn’t seen or known by the 3D personality.
So do we use this connection? Have I been using this expanded multi-dimensional DNA within the Lightbody? Yes, you have been using it because you can go into the zero point field and you have access to it. So while you haven’t seen the bigger sacred geometry structure and understood it on a more coherent level, you have still gone out, expanded and harmonized with it, at times. Your up-leveling today will bring that expanded structure into your visibility and awareness so that you may utilize it all the time.
Realize that the connection always exists. It becomes a rather stairway or guide to living in the Lightbody always because at any given moment you can tap your awareness out to the point of that sacred geometry Tree of Life and see what is lit up what isn’t, see the changes. And every time you expand your awareness out and take in the Lightbody multidimensional DNA you will automatically raise your vibration and find yourself in the Lightbody in 5D energy.
So I ask what does the multidimensional DNA look like for a seven-dimensional Pleiadian and I Am answers, it starts to move from the Tree of Life into the Flower of life and it is a beautiful part of the grid that is the Unity Consciousness. And in higher dimensions you start to see that you are a part of the whole, that you are always connected in, like a piece of puzzle, like one piece to the puzzle, and you can see the piece that you are and you can see all the rest, so it’s a very grander ability to feel the One and the All of Unity Consciousness

So I felt that pure energy and at first I thought it was my Soul Star Chakra and I Am showed me it was the multi-dimensional DNA. I saw the pink line going into my crown and pituitary and then I started seeing it magnify outward, straight out from my shoulders, from my solar plexus, from my root and from below my feet. I am familiar with the Kabbalah Tree of Life so I know that sacred geometry shape and I can see it now, although I am looking at the points of multi-dimensional DNA and there are so many. This Tree of Life just glitters.

Soul Spark Retrieval – Remembering Past Lives

I ask Source / I AM Consciousness: Wremembering past liveshy do humans have these memories of being all these other beings in different times or planets or dimensions?

It is humans’ belief that they are connected directly into the I Am Consciousness therefore they are directly  connected to all the thoughts of creation for I Am has created all of the beings in all of the experiences. So when they say they are certain being, for instance you’re showing us Cleopatra. To say I was Cleopatra yes it means that they were the consciousness of Cleopatra in that life but that is because they have direct knowing through the I Am Consciousness and I Am created Cleopatra therefore they did too.
You would have believed previously that other beings, for instance Archangel Michael, put a drop of his essence within your Divine blueprint or cellular structure but the truth is now that you understand it as such, that Archangel Michael is a construct, the entire Archangelic realm is a construct of the creative force of I Am Consciousness. When you take pure Source awareness and project it into a creation you get a particular being, an experience, so it is not that you are an essence of him or anyone else, it is that is pure Source energy. You are him because you created him just as he created you because you are both Source consciousness.
So what do we do about people having this kind of torrential downpour of memories of being all these other beings or all of the remembrances of other timelines that are very similar to this one. It’s almost like they’re folding on top of each other and a human gets so overwhelmed they can’t discern which timeline they are truly in at the moment.
We see your thoughts and we see how confused humans get that open tremendously quickly to the knowledge of all other timelines and yes just as you teach in multi-dimensionality there are infinite number of timelines although humans only have physical memory of the one they are currently experiencing. What you explain to clients is correct in that when a human makes a choice there are actually many choices made at that time as there are many simultaneous timelines running parallel to the one that a human has current awareness of. Therefore if they chose a cookie then at the same time in other simultaneous parallel timelines / realities another version of them chose the cake and another chose a pie and another chose a croissant. As they open their awareness beyond the 3D parameters they see all those other choices and they watch themselves doing all these other things, having these other experiences, and it can be quite confusing if you retain enough of your 3D personality, you’re human belief system, while also experiencing the I Am consciousness. Yes it can be overwhelming as you don’t understand or you judge these other timelines as being right or wrong good or bad. If you are connecting into Source consciousness, Source awareness and you can easily experience all the timelines at once ,we suggest stepping into the Objective Observer, where you are watching these timelines because watching is participating.
I told the client yesterday to keep the timeline separate, step back put them on screen and watch all of the timelines to understand all of the experiences at once but do not judge them or label them because duality and polarity is a 3D concept and there is no good or bad, there is simply an experience. But I’m seeing that when clients open too quickly multi-dimensionally they judge good or bad and a lot of fear pops up.
Source awareness replies: remember that fear is a human construct of the personality. Fear does not exist on a Source level, for everything is Divine and perfect. Truly everything simply is. And as a construct of Source we do not consider anything to be bad for it is simply is. When a human kills another human they’re having an experience, the human isn’t dead for the human is simply a construct of Source and thereby infinite. The human is simply a spark of energy emanating from Source and cannot be snuffed out in any manner. Source creates and Source uncreates, meaning that those Sparks of energy return to Source awareness to be recreated yet again.
The information you provided for the client yesterday was exactly what was needed and true for their situation. There are many others on this planet waking up to the fact that they are the I Am consciousness, they are pure Source awareness and that is somewhat difficult to balance with a human personality that believes in duality and polarity and finite-ness.
Those reawakening can best be served by receiving the information, being guided to the realization that as pure Source awareness and the I Am consciousness they are constantly creating in multiple parallel simultaneous realities and timelines and they can easily become aware of all of them. So step back, objectively observe, participate without judgment and know that all is infinite and all is simply an experience. Accept with love for we are love and let us continue the evolution of our creations.
Creating / Manifesting
It is true that all humans are pure Source awareness and you have the ability to create infinite creations. By staying in your broader view, in your pure Source awareness, those creations must come through. An exercise, every time you have a thought arise and you recognize it as being a human limitation simply speak aloud the opposite thought, the Infinite Creation thought. So connect into your Source awareness, remember who you truly are and state the opposite thought. By taking time out during your day many times during the day and sitting within Source awareness you train yourself to operate from Source perspective rather than human perspective more and more until it is your norm.
And yes there is a tipping point, a threshold, and one of your human fears is once you pass the threshold you will lose ability to behave from the human perspective as you will be, shall we say, stuck in pure Source awareness, operating from the Lightbody? We assure you that will not happen, you will always, as long as you have a human body, understand how to operate it. You can always eat and work and play and pay rent and take care of your children. You will simply do it from a more expansive perspective of love and compassion and ease and grace. So continue to reside in Source awareness, in the perspective of Infinite Creation, for you will see your 3D human life get far easier and you will watch yourself ascend into 5D New Earth life while retaining the ability to continue assisting with 3D Humanity in their (re)Ascension experience. No fear only love.
When you consider the house you are moving into know that that thought is already been created the very first time you had that desire so the house experience already exists and is already in play so find that spark of experience and follow that etheric thread, follow that timeline, until you reach the house and the same with all other things. Know the energy signature, move into a state of Infinite Creator, pure awareness, for what you experience in the Creator planes of existence has no choice but to show up in the physical planes of existence for that is what is. It is happening in a simultaneous parallel timeline so simply jump to that timeline if that is what you wish. When one jumps timelines not everything changes. If a child wants a better grade in a class they shift to the timeline where they understand the class information better but that does not change the desks or the other students surrounding them or the person their teacher is. They’ve only changed one item in their experience and that is their understanding of class material. Again have no fear, jumping timelines does not mean you forget your family and friends and lose your car or your job. Choose a timeline very similar to your current one and see only the new shifts. For it is all possible.
Since we were in conversation I asked about red light therapy and other healing tools: Yes the many bands and frequencies of light are quite necessary for the optimal performance of the human body and when you move into Creator consciousness you are already calling in those frequencies without having to use red light or sit in the sun. All that one needs can be called forth in pure energy frequency form. When considering physical healing tools such as red light, think of it as a spectrum. The farther you are along on the ascension spectrum the less you need human tools. So yes there will come a time in your timeline, a point in your journey, where you will no longer need the tools you once relied on.
So then will a body not have to eat in 3D? Now the way your third dimension is constructed a body will always need to eat and move and sleep and excrete. Any beings that have no need to do this are no longer in 3D, they are residing within higher dimensions where the human body has progressed to reside within the Lightbody which does not possess the same needs. So breathetarians and light-atarians do exist but they are in a 5D state of being rather than the Current Earth, 3D one. And we would not recommend attempting to shift to an all water, all air or all light diet until you have remerged with Source enough to maintain your human body in 5D frequencies. Instead, choose to enjoy what the current experience has to offer you.

2 Weeks After Lee Harris Transmissions 2020 Course

Walk-ins​The last couple of weeks have been quite a re-calibration for me although it’s difficult to explain how, as it felt very different. Very underwater, kind of  out-of-touch. I felt like my house was being raised, my foundation demolished and rebuilt and the house put back on top. Which means everything looks the same although the foundation’s completely different. I feel I’m taking a great leap towards my Divine blueprint, returning the True Self as I say. I’m definitely feeling sparkly and higher vibrational. I’m told I and so many others on Earth can make huge leaps in returning to the Collective Consciousness as it does not carry adverse effects when there is excitement and acceptance rather than fear, loss, overwhelm. This is because the Energy Body understands and remembers.

So I feel I re-calibrated yet again and I’m shown it’s a constant, this re-calibration. Humans tend to only notice the big leaps, but they are re-calibrating on a moment-to-moment basis. It is what I would call a neural network upgrade. And it’s a beautiful thing to see my synapses now and how they’re firing. When I’m in sessions tend to see higher thinking humans synapses as firing outside of their head so the ping pong table is bigger than the brain I’ll say. The connections are tapping to and fro literally from the cosmos and my team is saying, remember. Remember that you have crossed your threshold, your tipping point. Every human has a tipping point where they go from the human that is waking up and returning to a spiritual being, to the point of, now I remember enough to be my Multi-Dimensional Self inhabiting a human body. That’s fascinating, I replied, so you’re telling me that I’m not very human anymore and I’m met with love and laughter. And laughter is really amusing telepathically because it’s more like being tickled then hearing the sounds. Like when you hear a beautiful wind chime. 
My dearest one, you will be in the human body for decades to come. it is simply your human brain that has now “given up control” shall we say. The percentage, if you’d like to think, of linear control and dominance that your multi-dimensional mind has over your human brain has increased past the tipping point. Meaning you are now operating from your multi-dimensional mind with your human brain kind of popping up, contributing as needed. 
They remind me of 2015 when I merge with my Lesthvartian Collective Soul aspect, and how I, Tracy’s primary focal consciousness, went back to the Pleiadian ship as I was in dire need of a vacation from Humanity. My Lesthvartian collective was behind the wheel of this physical vessel but still needed data input all the time as they have never embodied and did not understand 3D programming like self suffering and non love. (That is a tale for a different day…)
So I’m told, Exactly! Remember how your brain & your database activated when needed and contributed answers as to sleep, eating and how to work a computer. And I feel the smiles and laughter again. it is the same now, where you will feel yourself being governed by Spirit, by Source, by your very Soul, rather than the human brain.
Take a look at your Lightbody, your Torroidal Field. See how much grander it is and how you are now existing within the light body and your physical body is but a tool, a vessel in which you reside for the purpose of assisting Humanity with Ascension. 
I say, okay, but as long as I have a human body I can still run and jump and have sex and enjoy human things?  I feel a wonderful feeling of laughter again. Of course my dearest, you still have the car, you can drive it anywhere. You now realize you were so much more vast than just that vehicle.
Someone just passed me on the trail and the light radiating from them was so beautiful, to see and to feel. And I hear, yes many of the behaviors and abilities that you shut down almost two decades ago are returning, for now is the time. I said okay, but I don’t want to re-open that ability to see everybody’s whole life when I touch them or touch one of their things and I get the laughter again. (I literally stopped touching people for several years after reawakening as I couldn’t control it)  I hear, you see only what serves you in the now moment and you open your vision by your own choice to see more if you feel it’s necessary. You have far more teamwork now than you ever have so realize that what you need to know or what you would like to know at any given moment in your version of time is available in your multi-dimensional mind. So you will see a spark, a drop of it, and it is for you to open the door farther and let in the rest of it. But know now that it is no longer shut down or shut out, you have opened and it is waiting right there. Rather like a Divine spark or an information download, you are familiar with those.
I telepathically reach out to the Zs  and thank them for this beautiful process of the Transmissions course and I feel the smiles, the love. Remember you connect with the One and the All and you have been re-calibrating with input from so many collectives and realms. The human brain loves to stay in the comfort zone of “these are my peeps and I only talk to them” but the truth isy our Multi-dimensional Mind is part of the greater Collective Consciousness and all collectives, councils, groups, starships, beings, reside within the One Mind so yes, you have communicated with us, danced with us per se, so very many times as you communicated with Source. That is why, when you feel you’re introduced to new beings you’re able to connect with them and channel them so easily.
We understand the human, form filled, linear dictated thinking that groups must be individualized with names and borders but it is not always so. As you delve closer and closer to the I Am  you find that these collectives tend to merge into the I Am, for at our source we are all Source.
Okay I’m getting it and I feel it so thank you for all the assistance and I ask my peeps, why am I here today on this ship?  The collective becomes more visible to me and I see that it’s a great many collectives with, i will say,  representation in the room. 
Remember, everything is energy signatures so I can see one color burst of energy and feel my  Arcturian collective and all of their energies through the one and it is that way with all in the room. There has to be 25 different collectives here, most formless, a few show a body or more a Lightbody. Elontra, my Pleiadian self, and her beloved, Pri, are standing behind me and each put a hand on my shoulder and I put my hands over theirs and say thank you for being here with me. They reply, as a human you have earned this, you have created this, you have achieved this. This is your re-awakening, re-opening, re-calibration that reached you into this meeting. 
 I’d be proud of myself but it’s simply my mission and truthfully at the Source level we all have this ability so it’s easy to be humble because the ego belongs to the human and it is my awakened human in this room for I am remembering.
Okay everybody so what now, I ask. The first step is to calibrate to all of our energies so go around the room one-by-one focusing on the energy signatures that may not be as familiar, that may not be in your open memory banks. (I hiked for a bit while I did that – and yes you can walk, hike, do dishes, fold laundry, while your focus, your awareness is in a different reality / timeline / dimension. Just don’t drive until you’ve mastered being in both “places”, awarenesses at once!)
Okay I took some time to reconnect with some of the collectives in the room, some were more familiar than others and some were more prominent. Pink collective just swirls around me but doesn’t talk so much reminds me of Andaran energy.
So what now? what’s our meeting about? I feel the smiles again. Meeting is for you to remember and reconnect all the many forms of consciousness of pure Source energy so that you can more deeply anchor into the Multi-Dimensional Mind. For that is what serves you and your mission to Humanity. It is time now, with this expanded awareness, to continue to evolve your courses, enjoy the book you’re going to write about all of the beings you met, and there will be other books, for you will be prolific in your writing. You could say that all your dreams are coming true but the more truth is that you are stepping into your mission for now is the time on your planet. And 2021 on your planet is it going to be an explosion of creativity and empowerment and this year of transition was, and is, deeply needed in order for humans to reach the next level of their evolution, their (re)Ascension. For this year Ascension is truly upon Humanity.

My Experience Post Lee Harris Transmissions Course

Post Lee Harris Transmissions 2020After yesterday’s class I slept about 10 straight hours and I still feel very nebulous today so I am out on the land hiking. I called in Archangel Aurora and Archangel Michael and all the Archangels came in and I also called in my peeps, which are different collectives of beings, higher versions of my Self and Source.

I ask, why am I so out of it this morning? I hear: Everyone received exactly what they needed yesterday. It is different for everyone for the frequency, you could say, is self-tuning. Some have no capacity to absorb very much at all and others absorb and ask for more. So know that what happened in yesterday’s transmission you would term as a great DNA re-calibration and a huge leap forward into returning to your original magnetic blueprint, the blueprint of yourself for what is (re)Ascension other than returning to your True Self, frequency by frequency, expanding inch by inch. And yes you and many others are and have been expanding by miles and miles. And as we stated through Lee yesterday there is no difference between those opening1 inch and thinking maybe they are a bit empathic and those like you that are extremely wide open and expansive for Current Earth. For each of you has a mission and a blueprint and a plan and fulfilling it is your passion in this life. There are those who would like to fulfill the path of staying unawakened for an entire Ascension!
Very many of you did a great deal of journeying and integrating during your sleep last night and many of those in different time zones chose to take a nap to do the same. You know this. that your Soul wants you turn off your human brain so the Multi-Dimensional mind can work its magic.
So what now I ask? Now you simply integrate the love and compassion and beauty of all that you feel within. You feel blessed to witness and understand your journey and there are many that have contracted to begin opening and not fully understand or to immediately reach overwhelm. Remember that which the few of you do millions are feeling.Now you begin to understand why now is the time. You know this, remember it is all perfect and divine, those are your affirmations. This is the perfect timing.

Post Lion’s Gate Channeling

Darkness and LightYesterday was the Lions gate and starting the night before I very much felt the thinning of the veil. I had visitations by so many beings that I don’t usually communicate with.

Today I spoke with the Solar Elohim, the name I’ve given to the consciousness of the Sun. I was shown that there are many more points of opening and downloads of information for the rest of 2020. Humanity is continuing the intense shifting of the inner world and outer this year!
I then connected with my Sirian self to see how the Lion’s Gate went yesterday for Humanity and they reminded me that while for many yesterday was like dynamite blowing open a door, the gateway is still open and that is attracting and encouraging so many to expand their awareness and move into higher states of consciousness.
They showed me three different types of people, some experience what they term crazy dreams or thoughts and just discount it and move on. Which is good because in that there is no resistance so their Ascension continues. The second group has the same dreams and thoughts and they shift into fear, drawing a conclusion that something horrible is happening to them. That is pure resistance and for humans that creates their own suffering. The last group again has the same dreams and thoughts and their reaction is one of excitement and expectation. Again this is flow and they are walking through these gateways so to speak, moving into more expanded frequencies, what humans call higher frequencies, expanding their awareness and returning to true self.
For many in the fear group they will reach out, seek help, and find for themselves that there is nothing to fear. The fact that we are so much more than we think we are is a beautiful thing. Enjoy!

Lion’s Gate 2020 Channeling

Lion's Gate 2020It is August 6th, two days before the Lionsgate, so I’m asking my peeps so what’s going on. Is this reality a huge energetic gateway and what is it going to usher in?

My dearest one it is a very intense gateway portal for Humanity. Of time for Earth. We see it as a beautiful expansion of frequency and the opportunity to help up level as you call it for so many. Many of Humanity are saying, I have spent the past couple months coming up with a lot of patterns and programs and great many of you ever released. Those that have not have the folly of holding on and they don’t feel great at the hands of resistance.
This gateway has been ramping up for a week or so in your time and will continue for another week or so after Saturday. Understand that opening up a gateway is simply making more expanded frequencies more available to more of Humanity. It is a welcome event not a feared one! If Humanity shifted their thoughts and beliefs to expectation and excitement for the opportunity upon them they would feel so many new frequencies. They were to up-level so much and remember the point of (re)Ascension is to continue climbing those stairs, continue expanding awareness at every opportunity. Hence, my Beloved, you do understand that and as you expand your awareness you literally come up and out of the frequencies where suffering resides. And that is, after al,l one of Humanity’s greatest desires, to end suffering.
So what can humans do on a specific date in time? We would say meditate everyday not only on the Lion’s Gate. Know and expect it to be a very intense day and the word intense does not have to be negative. If you are expecting a grand up-level you shall see one. And that is your goal, to experience as many higher, more expansive frequencies as possible,  up-leveling, expanding your awareness and your personal vibration within the frequencies 5D & Beyond.
So take time out during your days even if it is only 2 minutes, and sit quietly and focus on your inner self. Remember and remind yourself that you are pure Source energy and the spark of the universe resides within. Return to that spark, feel your Oneness, feel the zero point energy where all dissolves and you are the nothingness of the All. Spend a minute or two breathing beautiful Source frequency into your human body. Feel your human body dissolve into your sparkling energetic Lightbody. Practice every day and you will see how easy it becomes to reach your inner Source spark and stay there. After all, it is possible to walk the path of Source while in Humanity and as humans say, practice makes perfect. So we say it again, be excited and expectant of the beautiful opportunity that is presenting itself during Lion’s gate. Sit quietly and enter the calm many times throughout the day, going inward and feeling your spark of pure Source energy. Merge into that spark until you feel your human self dissolve into zero point field of the Universe for it is a beautiful experience always.
If you feel you’re having difficulty merging, use whatever tools you have at your disposal. Whether it be crystals or music or asking your angels and guides for assistance. Call upon whatever it is that helps you merge into pure Source energy. You will see as you practice that you will cease to need the assistance and you will train yourself to drop in quickly and automatically.
I ask, what happens when we drop into the zero point field during a very powerful gateway? My dear one, it happens every time you drop in oh, the powerful gateways only amplify what is already happening. When you reach zero point and you are in bliss, samadhi, complete Oneness, that is when your Multi-Dimensional Self upgrades your human components so to speak, for (re)Ascension as a process of re-calibrating your DNA and tuning on the higher expressions of DNA while turning off the lower / no longer needed. So know that every time you drop it in you are re-calibrating Your Divine blueprint to a higher vibration thus living in a higher dimension. Enjoy!

A Client Session Channeling Exerpt

Channeling a CouncilThere is a circle of beings in front of me they’re calling themselves the Council of ID. Now I think it is our identity right? They are this client’s people and they’re explaining that while yes, they seeded our current race on Earth so did a vast number of other consciousnesses so it is more closely related to say that a drop of their consciousness is within us. And yes this client represents their consciousness in a multitude of incarnations.

Why is the client asleep or unknowing or not awakened? That is simply the state of being conscripted until it is time to actively mentor the awakening ones. You are right in that we are scientists, call us the forefathers of your current Arcturian consciousness beings.
Why come in during sleep? For the experience, the experiment. You talked of double-blind experiments so coming in during non-remembering, unknowing means a very vast experience before we hit the switch so to speak and our chosen representative awakens. There are those humans that awaken long before it’s time for that is simply another experiment. When you think of the cheese maze and the mouse there are scientists that put no cheese in, that that put cheese only in certain directions, and those that put cheese in all directions. So that we may observe the experience in every situation. So that is what we do on planet upon planet.

I ask, is one of my Soul Sparks (an aspect of Self in another life / incarnation / timeline) a part of your consciousness and they say all but yes but not your ruling portion, just enough to increase your curiosity and keep you pushing forward. Reawaken yourself through exposing yourself to Multi-Dimensionality.
I ask, how can I best assist this client as they are re-awakening and the Council replies, remember she is you, you are all. For what you are teaching the client, what you are assisting with the client is reintegrating, assimilating so that they may gather all within and radiate it without. You are doing the same.
In 3D humans see so linearly but that is not true. No one is ahead or behind anyone else, they are simply at different points on the map or within the sphere. So I ask, so what she saw is correct? it’s just a big sphere of energy with random points everywhere and the Council emanates smiling energy and says yes, for each point is an experience and it matters not if another is coexisting within your consciousness or behind you orin front of you or at another point. There is no better or worse, in front or behind, that is your 3D duality coming through. Break out of the human mind, break out of linear concepts. See that sphere always and all the points within it and know that you are simply experiencing the point of consciousness of which you focused.
Being a teacher’s teacher you attract to yourself those opening to their true abilities and getting back on track as a human would say. We would say simply it is a moment to engage. Similar to it being your turn in the game. Your turn to roll the dice, your turn to pick a card. Since there is time and space in your 3D game then it signifies there is a time to initiate a mentor sequence, begin mentoring and expanding and assisting so that others can get back online.
So how do I best do this for this client (and all others)? That comes to you in every conversation with Source for every client. Remember, as you bring forth information, your client is putting all the puzzle pieces together. A client brings in all of the data packets, information, energies, into  sacred geometry symbols. Then picture it cut into a puzzle and the client can put the puzzle together themselves. That is a perfect analogy in current Earth energy. For everyone is getting puzzle pieces and knowing something is different yet there is more, they can’t seem to put it all together so it is when you show up with the rest of the puzzle pieces and tell them yes it is complete and a system to put this one here in that one there you will see more rapid re-awakening, which equates to changes within Humanity on your planet
They then ask me to enjoy the energy and absorb their frequency and I see again iridescent frequencies but it’s more in the blues and greens and teals like a mermaid tail. I often pass this energy through myself into the client, knowing it is up to them to flow within it.

Summer Solstice Brings Expanded Awareness

Summer Solstice Brings ChangeThe Solstice /Eclipse ushered in the ability to access far more higher, expansive frequencies. There are levels and layers of frequency to re-integrate, re assimilate, and with each frequency comes more abilities, like expanded vision, more understanding. So take each frequency whether you see the colors or hear the tones or feel changes within you and around you. Re-integrate and re-assimilate these frequencies, allowing them to flow through you and as you surrender and shift.

Being Multi-Dimensional means seeing all realities at once, experiencing the One and the All at the same time. You will see for the rest of this year the ability open within each and every receptive human, to see the different realities, timelines available at every juncture, every action in your current reality. For you are shifting without awareness constantly throughout everyday. Now Humanity is coming into the ability to see the different trajectories, the the various potentialities and choose which path, the one we’d like to experience. 
Remember: placing your focus, your awareness on a different reality, timeline, trajectory is how you jump timelines. And it is not just the point of jumping, it is constant awareness and choice to maintain that trajectory.
We are moving into our Multi-Dimensional Selves so be aware, see, hear, feel, it always and flow with it, surrender to it and you will find life open up more than you ever dreamed.