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And The Lunar Eclipse Locked The Door!

Lunar Eclipse 2022Eclipses are like bookends, with chaos and change often in the middle! It feels like the solar eclipse tosses you on the stage of change while the lunar eclipse locks the door behind you. Door? Curtain? Can you lock a curtain? Many of us feel pushed (thrown) into the new when in truth it is simply our Souls nudging us a bit stronger in the direction they’ve wanted to experience for a while. Us humans tend to follow our own agenda, not getting the many hints and nudges our Souls deliver. So when an eclipse season comes about the Soul uses the intense energy to lift us up into the new frequencies, new developments, new, changed, shifted – it can get quite overwhelming!

I often remind myself that this incarnation (and all others) are my Soul’s lives, I am the car not the driver! Although we all think we’re in charge and we have free will. To a degree yes, but in the end, it’s the Soul’s choice. What can I do about it? I can strive for neutral, observe the changes, observe my thoughts and feelings about the changes, roll with the changes, find the positive. Focus on the silver lining, not the cloud! It’s happening whether I fight or flow so I choose flow. While I may not like some of the changes the eclipses bring, I realize they are always for my advancement, my awakening, my ascension. If I cannot see that in the moment then I use blind faith or I ask Spirit to show me. If I do see the light at the end of the tunnel then I take a deep breath and keep on keepin’ on.

Do I welcome these changes? In the moment, not usually! But I know that fastest way through is to flow so I choose happiness, gratitude, love, acceptance. As Spirit says, “be patient as humanity is going through a lot right now. Choose to be a beacon of hope and faith and trust rather than descending into the chaos of others. That is the highest you can do to help at this time.”

Upcoming Solar Eclipse!

Releasing after the Solar EclipseAfter quite an intense summer of ’22 we’re in Eclipse season. This solar eclipse offers much transformation, awakening and sudden changes. I don’t know that we can ever prepare for the solar eclipse “gifts” but we can definitely choose to flow through them. While we find we cannot always control or choose our thoughts, feelings and reactions during a sudden shift or opening, we can always strive to step back, pause, move into our Objective Observer and notice the thoughts and feelings that are “passing through”. For they never have to stay. We always have a choice even when we think we don’t. And if we cannot choose in the first moment of thought or feeling, we can always choose as soon as we become aware of them. Oftentimes this looks like, “thank you ego mind for bringing the perceived danger to my awareness, I appreciate  you doing your job.” Then proceed with your conscious choice of release, renewal or transformation. During this very intense transformative time strive for the middle path, the path of the observer, watching your thoughts and emotions pass by while you hold faith, hold the vision of balance, calm, stability in the storm. The Archangels tell me they’re with us all, supporting us through these changes. Call upon Angel Hugs when you need a booster. Imagine Angels wrapping you in their wings, keeping chaos out and calm love in. Visualize the love surrounding and supporting you … I guarantee it’s there, I can see it and feel it. And I use it whenever I need a boost too!

Fall Equinox Meditation

Fall Equinox MeditationI asked Source this morning: What this expanded Equinox frequency bring?

“You will know now that things are becoming quite a bit easier to manifest. For these frequencies are much more fluid, making your dreams much more obtainable and releases far easier. Time is dissolving, slipping away, so understand that things will come and go much faster from your perceived reality. Be more conscious of your thoughts and actions as you are moving into multi-dimensionality which includes lack of time and space, therefore you’re going to see faster culminations. As you consider good and bad.”

“Do not fear your reactions and negativity, simply use your conscious awareness to shift those thoughts and feelings and desires into what you consider positive the very moment you realize you’re having them.”
“Remember that which appears quickly can disappear quickly, meaning that if you get something you want and you are so surprised and can’t believe you have it and don’t think you deserve it, it will go away. There is a period of time when you bring forth or toss away anything that it is in its very fluid state and has not anchored. So remember, if this is what you truly desire, what you’ve called in, welcome it with love, know that you deserve it and you have actively called it in and immediately anchor it into your reality, enjoy it and show gratitude for it. In fact practice your gratitude everyday for everything.”
“And if it is a pattern, belief or relationship you wish to release from your life and you see it gone, again express your gratitude for that. Anchor in the fact that it is gone and you actively released it and no it’s not coming back because you have shifted your reality. Your frequency is such that it is no longer compatible with you. Feel the lightness of being, the contentment, happiness and joy that it is no longer showing in your reality.”
“These gratitude practices and very active manifestations and releases are the hallmark of 2022 and you’ll find the easiest way to move through this current intensity is not only with gratitude but with presence of mind and very active consciousness. Always be aware, always acknowledge, always accept, and always take action to keep or release.”

Zero Point Continues

Zero Point state of beingThere are many more zero point states of being going on where we dip into that cold calm divine neutrality. For me I feel like I just dissolve, myself is completely gone, merged with Source. Sometimes I have to ask myself: am I breathing, is my heart beating? And after I dissolve into the zero point field then as I start to come back I seem to rebuild myself anew, losing all of the old patterns and programs.

And when we’re in this zero point state you may feel cold, unfeeling, meaningless, sad or disappointed or other negative emotions. Remind yourself that is is zero point and it’s a wonderful thing, it’s merging with Spirit. If you sit in the nothing long enough the everything rolls in. It’s just a razor’s edge so it’s quite easy to fall off the zero point ledge into sadness or other emotions. Ride the wave, allow those feelings to pass as you too rebuild yourself.
For every time we enter zero point we anchor in a higher frequency within, our base vibration raises, ascension becomes easier. It’s not only a merging, it’s a clearing, a recalibrating and an upleveling. Very necessary in these intense times.

July Full Moon Changes

July 2022 cocooningWe’ve been in a cocoon working deeply on the inner world and the outer world is going to start to show the changes. So if you’ve been feeling stagnant or on hold believe me you’re not, you’ve been doing the inner work. 

Also now that we’re all more empathic and becoming much more aware of being interconnected, the chasm between ascending humans can no longer be as vast, therefore some of us feel like we’re on hold because we’re kind of an essence waiting for others to catch up.
Since the crown chakra has been starting  to merge with Source since the Solstice a big change is happening to many: instead of talking to guides or our soul or seeing and hearing and sensing outside of us like we’re having a conversation, it’s turned into the essence within communicating on almost just a knowing level.
So that merging within of other aspects of your soul self and the merging of the crown, third eye & root chakras allow us to move through change much more easily.
To move from the physical body into a lightbody state humans need to clear out their emotional body. Cellular memory is moving up to the unity consciousness, leaving the physical body so if a lot of that comes up just wave goodbye. There’s no processing needed for that’s the old way. The new way is to just merge into the higher frequency and everything below dissolves. 
So remember, we’re not stagnant, we’re cocooning through the changes, easing our way into it!

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