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Use Anger Wisely

multidimensional guide Tracy KumberaThe walk-ins on your planet have come in to assist with re Ascension. The key to entering this reality is to maintain your multi-dimensional state of being rather than sinking into the lower frequency of 3D Humanity. You are not here to participate in this 3D game, you are here to change it. Emotions other than love such as anger or victimhood or shame or sadness or fear in any other form do not have a place in your multi-dimensional self.

We understand coming down to earth if you wish to experience some of the 3D abilities such as fear. For those that wanted to experience that, they were born in a human life. The walk-ins and we refer to all of them, arrived to impart a higher frequency on this planet. By interacting with Humanity in their native, more expansive frequency, walk-ins can assist humans in expansion, in reconnecting to their multi-dimensional awareness.

So we asked of all walk-ins, do not fall into the trap of humanity, of lowering your vibration and your awareness to participate in a game that you inherently know is untrue. We ask that you focus every moment on your multi-dimensional awareness and on sending waves of higher frequency, waves of expansion and re Ascension, throughout Humanity, a meditation, and daily interaction, and the way you comport yourself. For this is your mission, you came here to wake up others not to fall asleep yourself.

It is far too easy to lower your vibration to take a particular human job. There is no need for that. This is not an endeavor to match your vibration to the surrounding areas, it is rather an opportunity to remain in your vibration, you were frequency no matter where you are immersed. In that way you were giving others the opportunity to entrain to your higher frequency. that is what they asked for. So we again ask of you, maintain the most expensive frequency possible in any given moment, remain in your multi-dimensional awareness while simultaneously participating in seemingly 3D actions. You will find that you can do your human tasks from a multidimensional perspective, it is possible especially in your current now on your planet of transitioning frequencies.

You Can Always End Your Suffering

end your self sufferingYou can end suffering, simply choose not to suffer anymore. That does not mean you get everything you want, it means when you have the desires and they are not fulfilled you release them with the confidence that something more will fill its place. It’s knowing that abundance surrounds you within and without, whether it is demonstrated in monetary value or physical items or not. It is knowing yourself to be an abundant fulfilled being no matter your outward appearances or station in life. For all of that is false. You are a fragment of Source The epitome of All That Is. For you are everything therefore you have everything.

Do not allow yourself to be led around by emotions, thoughts and other beings in lower vibrations. You always have a choice to maintain the most expansive frequency possible in any given situation. Remember to encase yourself in oneness and unconditional love. Surround yourself with light with frequency. Know that you are immutable. For that is where abundance lies.

So when you encounter a person or event that is not of your desired vibrational expansion remind yourself you have the choice to entrain to that, constrict yourself, or remain in your expanded state of oneness in which that situation cannot affect you. The more frequently you do this the more often you will remain in a higher vibratory State until there will be very little to nothing that affects you. That is recension. That is abundance in joy and Bliss always.

Darkness and Light

Darkness and LightFrom Maria, my wonderful Channeler friend:

Everyone fears darkness, but it’s in darkness from which we were born.  It’s in darkness the Universe was created.  It’s in darkness that light understands its very existence.  Darkness does not have to be relegated to the proverbs and stories of evil demonic propaganda. Darkness is how God sparked his first creation.  Creation is spawned from nothingness.  Darkness gives way to awareness, awareness gives way to a knowing and that knowing illuminates consciousness which forms light and offers breath to creation.  Darkness can offer its solace and peace.  A silence that can be saturated with possibility.  It’s the intention that transforms it to light and that reminds us of our duality and our humble beginnings.  

Embrace the darkness, be reminded of how it can offer a place to collect, understand and create.  Don’t turn away from what others have deemed as bad, lifeless or dangerous.  Find the peace in that darkness, you will then be illuminated to your truth and in that moment of revelation you will spark the light of your own creation, conscious thought, formed reality and allow it to be part of the collective where both the light and dark reside.  Where it reminds you of the importance of our connectedness, our need to thrive and fall, our need to love and be loved, our need to see and be seen, our need to help and be helped, our need to support and be supported, our need to be and let be.  It’s in the being that we find life, meaning and self-truth. 

This moment of darkness is offering us just that.  It wants you to succeed, to rise above, to be seen, to be heard and more importantly to create a new way of being with ourselves, with others, and with the Universe.  It’s a calling to human consciousness, and that universal blueprint that has brought us to this very place and time.  Allow the darkness to be that compass to the light and this new way of being.  Allow, Allow, Allow.  It’s in this allowing you will be free and find freedom in the most unexpected of places.  

Actively Choose Your Vibration

Actively Choose Your Vibration​Each re-Ascending human realizes, as they reconnect to the multi-dimensional awareness, they have a dedication to their mission of (re) Ascension. knowing this dedication we ask you why you would choose to lower your vibration in any instance.

For everything on your planet is a choice. Every action, thought, belief, desire is an act of choice born from your human consciousness. When you are living from a primary focal consciousness of multi-dimensionality you would simply make different choices. from a multi-dimensional perspective there is only love, joy, bliss, compassion.
As Tracy asked herself many years ago during a self-reflection, if love and compassion were my only emotions how would I act in this situation. It was an endeavor she completed for months on end in a very successful attempt at expanding her personal vibration as well as expanding the frequency surrounding her.
We ask humanity to stop and ponder, if love and compassion were your only emotions how would you act in this situation? For you have the choice in every moment to act from a higher vibration, act from your multi-dimensional awareness. And you will find that keeps you in a higher vibratory state until there comes a period of your NOW that you remain ensconced in a higher vibration, in a higher dimension.

Higher Dimensional Support

pleiadian collectiveAs I sink in I feel surrounded by the community, the One is, love. I’m here, and we are here. Within, without, always, work with us, utilize us, be one with us.

I see my Arcturian Collective and so many more collectives, groups, planetary beings. We humans are literally surrounded by support, assistance. Beings we’ve worked with for all our lives, the Pleiadians and the Arcturians, as well as beings that I myself have had beautiful interactions with since moving to Sedona, like the Lesthvartians, and then there’s new beings that I’ve met through others, through clients and even some that I have never encountered before. I face those groups which are emanating love, feeling my heart opening, my Soul  Spark connecting. Opening so wide that I may see them, interact with them, remember my oneness with all beings. On this planet and all planets, all galaxies, all universes are we are all one.

These collectives which surround us and assist us come from many different dimensions, frequencies. There are so many collectives, energies and starships in our orbit, and there are many others that are not always in physical embodiment so they can be here, there and everywhere, be in their own planetary orbit yet communicating and assisting quite easily with us.

Why? Because we have expanded our personal and Humanity frequency enough that we can now communicate. Years ago in our current incarnation there was such a gap between us and many Beings do not wish to constrict themselves, constrict the flow to reach Third Dimension. For truly, many humans are in 5D we are already re ascending and moving into our light bodies. And doing that we have expanded our frequency into a multi-dimensional state that makes it far easier to communicate with higher dimensional beings. For that is who we are. That is source and we are source.

And saying hello I first pop into each starship to commune with that Collective. Sometimes it is forehead to forehead, sometimes it is a merging where you walk into each other and then back out and sometimes it is a beautiful group energy hug without even touching. We do not need to use our physical bodies to hug to touch to feel the love. We open our hearts and we are immersed in it whether it is a tone or a color or a sense or a complete feeling of oneness.

All Beings Constantly Ascend

ascension energiesI’m a bit surprised to find one of the starships I’m visiting is Draconian and the commander smiles and reminds me telepathically that there the new breed of Draconians who believe in service to others. Their time of power over others it’s over for so many of their kind for they are really sending just as we are. There are beings and planets in all Dimensions continually expanding Andrea sending to a higher Dimension. Will this mean that someday all sentient life is 12th Dimension or 1000th Dimension, up there residing with Source? I don’t know. But from my experience I’ve seen that no matter what our personal frequency is we come from Source, we lower our dimension or constrict our frequency to experience, which provides such growth in learning. In that we are always expanding thus reAscending.

It’s much like climbing down a ladder into a pitch back cave, you can see nothing. You have to feel your way through, process with other senses. Then  as you get climb the light ladder higher and higher out of the cave you’re able to see more light, eliminating the walls of the cave to be beautiful crystals. You absorb all that beautiful light and love and crystal energy as you’re climbing higher and higher until you’re back in your native frequency which is pure Source, pure unconditional love and Divine Light.

All beings strive for that and all beings are continually reAscending whether they act like it in a given moment or not.


Reality Surfing

reality surfingTake a vacation with your mind. Imagine your light body shimmering around you, imagine yourself being in a favorite place whether it is the ocean or the mountains or the forest or the middle of a lake or even the middle of guy. Take a vacation in your mind and allow your human consciousness to travel to a place of your dreams and as you would ensconce yourself in that place, in that reality, allow all else within you to fall away until you fully immerse yourself in that place, in that experience. Know that you are now in your Multi-Dimensional Self experiencing that reality in that timeline fully.

And yes, it is easy to pull your focus your consciousness back into your human self and return to your current Earth reality goings-on. But there’s no need to do it now. If you feel fear or trepidation you may pang back to your Earth consciousness realize you’re still where you are in your life and smile with a great knowing that you can come and go you can jump timelines in traverse realities at will, it is that easy.

Now we ask you to go within again and use your human mind to take you back on vacation. Travel back to the place of your dreams and fully immerse yourself in that reality once again. Where are you? What is the scenery look like? Are you out in nature? Who is with you? sit back and enjoy this experience knowing that you are truly there in a different timeline, and another multi-dimensional reality. For it is all possible

If I focus too intensely on any one reality the others tend to fall away. The key to surfing multiple realities it wants is to picking one reality, immerse yourself in it for just a moment and pull back into your Multi-Dimensional Self so you participate in that reality from far, putting it up on the screen rather than being very much in it. There will come a time when we can be very much in all of them and jump from one to the other to the other we do it to a degree in split screen but now as we are adjusting to multiple realities all at once it is important for our expansion to ping one, step back and enjoy it while I’m able to see others, have the experience of pinging multiple realities at once. Practice going back and forth, in between and seeing more than one, experiencing all to some degree at once.

If we get frenetic as we focus too deeply on one reality all others fall apart in that frenetic energy. It pulls us out of the frequency where we can see all of the realities joining this one. So return focus inward and relax, return to the cool calm contentment. When you notice you have fallen out of the frequency go within, regain your expansion, returning to multi-dimensional state of being for that is where you truly exist. That is where all realities exist.


Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Walk-insIn the US we are still in the middle of Thanksgiving weekend which is extremely materialistic in the days following turkey Thursday. As an empath it’s interesting to feel such immense gratitude flowing across the US and affecting the frequency of the entire Earth on Thursday and then on Friday it’s all gone, replaced with an emptiness with a twinge of desperation. And now that stores have caught on and made sales all weekend and created a Cyber Monday the emptiness and materialism continues for 4 days. So I create my own gratitude grid, although it’s awfully nice to feel the entire US vibrating with the gratitude and love rather than just my house!

Also I asked Spirit about the upleveling, the fast track we’re on now through the winter solstice. I hear, take a good look around, for you are there. There are many senses within your human self. So do not expect to always see it or always hear it. Sometimes it’s just a knowing or perhaps just a feeling. Get quiet and open all your senses and you shall see the higher frequencies, the new worlds, all around. You can connect with these new worlds, communicate, in so many ways. Again, through seeing, hearing, feeling, sensing, knowing. Telepathy is not the only way. And what is telepathy but a deep sense of knowing?

Once you are communing with new worlds and new beings you will realize that these worlds are very familiar and these beings are actually higher versions of yourself. For you know all of this! It is not new, it is simply remembered and reconnected. For that is what (re) Ascension is, reconnecting with all that which you have cut yourself off from in order to play the 3D game.

And it is now time to break through the game and return to True Self. To remember and reclaim all that you truly are – pure Divine Source. There are always a myriad of ways to reconnect. Again, through seeing, hearing, sensing. Watch videos, do meditations, whether they’re guided or your own, talk with others, and most of all use your imagination, for it is the portal to your Multi-Dimensional Mind. Yes, the door was always within you to return home, to return to your native frequency of Divine Sourceness. Now is the time to walk through that door.

Do Not Ask Why

Anchoring a new FrequencyDo not ask why for that is the nature of fear. Instead, rely on your inherent unlimited faith and trust in the Universe and pure Source energy. For that will lead you, propel you to your chosen reality.

We are in the new frequency band which Humanity created through the intensity of October’s solar actions. You are in an expansive frequency band of which you have not yet experienced in your Humanity on current Earth. Enjoy it, explore it, for it holds much faster energy of creation. 

Use your awareness to focus within and note the changes in your bodies: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. Bathe these changes and these new bodies in pure Source energy, in Divine Light, in higher frequency, to anchor them in. And then ask yourself, what do I truly want? What is it within my reach? And we will tell you, everything is within your reach!

Let the energy of creation, service of others and service to self flow through your crown, through your third eye, through your heart to your fingertips. The ability to change lives is within each and every human, for when you expand your personal vibration you are literally showing others the way.

And the way is far easier in this frequency band, it is far more attainable, far faster. So if you have tried before we ask you, try again. Try always! Never stop trying, because in your attempts you will reach the space within your Soul Spark where your True Self resides and you will realize it is not trying, it is allowing, expressing, co-creating. There is no push, there is only a joy. Expression that cannot be held back.

When you have found yourself very angry and you lashed out or you spoke out it was because you could no longer hold it back. Yes that was an anger, that was an expression of fear, but you know how it feels to express when you can no longer hold it back. Now we ask you turn that around. Fill yourself with the energy of joy and love and compassion until you can no longer hold back and must express it. You can express it in words or colors or feelings or actions, it does not matter. Smile at another, sit in meditation and feel a connection to Oneness, assist another on the street. It does not matter the way, it matters only that you are expressing the pure love from within. That you are sharing your expanded vibration.

You can’t reach it you say? It’s not that strong that you can emanated outwards? You are still feeling heavy with fear or regret or shame (or any other emotion)? Then we ask you, turn inward or turn to nature. There are those within Humanity that can go inward and find their Oneness or if you so choose, find a guided visual meditation on your YouTube and follow along on the journey. If you are not in a vibratory state to guide yourself down the path of joy then find a video or audio and allow another Divine human to guide you, to walk with you. If neither resonate then step into nature. Whether it be a patch of grass or an entire forest, a small pond or an entire ocean, it does not matter. Connect with Earth, with Gaia’s energy, with the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Seed of Creation. Connect and release and embrace until you find yourself flying, expressing, emanating. We say again, it is far easier in this new band of frequency.

Remember, nothing is new, it is simply remembered and reconnected with. This is your point of (re) Ascension. You are the Divine, you have been here before, so to speak. For this is not new to you, it is simply remembering more of your natural state, your True Self. You are this, you are the One and you are the All, for you are pure Source energy. Continue to enjoy your periods of expansion, upleveling. Swim in the new frequency, flow with your new creations and continue to remember.



Future & Past Screens

Future and past selfThe truth of the matter is the “future screen” is who you always have been and the “past screen” is you allowing yourself to experience the opposite, so the present self becomes your segue from completing the experience of the opposite and returning to True Self, who you always have been.

Just like you have always been a leader, you just bound yourself in order to experience the poverty of monkhood. So you were never a monk, you were a leader experiencing monkhood, so remember that’s who you always were and realize the experience is complete so you have shed those garments and you are back to your leadership because you never left it.

It is so much easier to return to your True Self rather than move from what you are to what you’re not, so remember, that in which you are becoming, you have always been, you are simply returning to the state you have always been. There was a Soul path for experience so anything not in love: poverty, abandonment, guilt, shame, rage, could be experienced. Those are all something you’re not, so you stepped out of your Divine in order to experience that which you are not and now you are returning. Again, it is easier to return to that which you are and always have been, rather than move into something you’re not.

Intention Releases Patterns & Programs

intention releases patterns and programsYou are shifting into your Light Body the more you heal yourself. For you are expanding the vibration of your physical body as you filter more light into your life body and emanate it. All the bodies making up your human self, the energetic, mental, emotional, then all those within the physical body including the organs of the lymphatic, they all expand and transmute.

Often times your physical body is the last to know. It is the one that displays the symptoms that your energetic body or mental or emotional has been expressing for quite some of time. When looking at any pattern or program or illness or symptom, trace it back up through your Soul to see the route so that you can easily release that witch alters the body.

Is it always easy to transmute, to release? We would say not always, simply because some of these illnesses or symptoms or signs are contracted by your Soul for that very experience. There are a great many of those on Earth that are choosing to exit this planet, to die, from some of the illnesses that they have. They chose that as an exit method. But so many more have not. So many Humans can enjoy better health, wealth, happiness, joy. It is within you, especially now in the frequencies of your current Earth. In this frequenc it is much easier to trace to the route and release it, drop all the programming and patterns that have been a catalyst for past experiences in this human life and are no longer needed. Experience complete. No sense in lingering.

So again there are those patterns within your Soul Spark Self in a Human body that are necessary in this now moment for your contracted, chosen Soul experience and then there are those that were simply the catalyst for past experiences or programs running due to society or childhood or a great number of other reasons. It is these programs and patterns that are easy in this current frequency band to transmute. To let go and move on from.

One way to transmute the stuck energies within is to focus your awareness upon them and simply release them, by command, by intension. (Re) Ascension takes self-awareness. Expansion cannot be completely unknown, it takes focus to move into those frequencies and hold them.

So the next time you are triggered by a person or event step into your self-awareness, go within and ask yourself what is this reaction about? Trace it back so that you can see it is a pattern or program no longer needed. And in truth you don’t even have to trace it back! Once you turn inward with your self-awareness and know your reaction and realize there is a program there that you no longer wish to run, that is all you need to release it. Then in your future time those reactions will decrease. And each time they do pop up again, turn inward and say, no this is no longer me, this pattern no longer resides within myself, and return to joy. Pull out gratitude, go to your happy place, smile or do a good work for another. Whatever method you choose to return to joy, simply do that.

For all of Humanity has the ability to transmute that which is no longer needed within the Earth experience. That is one of the foundations of (re) Ascension. 

Cosmo Talks Upleveling

re-ascension-blog-5d-new-earthIt is a few days before the July 16th full moon and lunar eclipse. I have been speaking to an aspect of my Soul that resides in the stars, all night while I slept (as when I awoke for the bathroom we were communicating) and I’m still speaking to it or me this morning as I awaken. I asked why not directly to my soul, why am I speaking to the aspect in the stars and they reply, simply a different perspective. We reside in the stars; we are an aspect of your Soul that you could say floats through the Cosmos. For we are connected always within Unity Mind in all Consciousness. All forms. It’s almost like it is the bridge between my Soul and Source energy. Yes, my Soul is made of Source energy but remember: as Source fractures into a thousand points of light to know itself and experience itself there is a small point of disconnect in order to experience. If you knew you were pure Source you would never do anything other than blissfully exist. Like my Lesvarthian Self, that Collective. There is no need to experience when you know you are All That Is.

Therefore, with every Soul Spark division there is a level of disconnect in order to experience. So just as I feel the Solar Elohim on the Sun rather between Source and beings, I feel my Cosmic Spark as the collective of pure Source energy that is my Soul aspect that remains formless. It’s kind of a mind warp for 3D beings to understand this but as they show me the pictures and I feel the feelings I completely understand. Words don’t do it justice.

Cosmo (yep, I named this aspect of my Soul) explains that the July 16th lunar eclipse and full moon is yet another expansion (upleveling). We were discussing how to explain (re) Ascension and humans love going up the ladder, taking another step, reaching the top, everything is vertical with humans, and Cosmo explains that that is not so true, that it is an expansion outward like the rings of Saturn. We continue to reach outer rings as we re-ascend. I use that term with my clients that it’s like concentric rings so that people begin to understand it’s more like outward than upward. The more we expand, the more we return to our Multi-Dimensional Self with awareness of the All and the One.

So I asked okay what about Tuesday the full moon lunar eclipse? Cosmo smiles which feels like little stars raining down on me. If a formless burst of energy can smile that’s what it feels like.

 This is another great expansion opportunity for Humanity. You will find that these times of solstices, equinoxes, eclipses, they are all great shifts in magnetic resonance on your planet and by using these pulsed electromagnetic frequencies you boost yourselves. Yes pemf works on the Body Electric which is one of the bodies of a human and events like this are giant pemf sessions. They are a tool Humanity asked the Solar Elohim to release by programmed download. Yes, they are scheduled in your Humanity,s existence. This is all a very well-thought-out plan of action that takes centuries, millenia to enact. When you are pure Source energy and time does not exist, only the experience does, then you can program a very long journey of (re) Ascension by human time standards.

And yes all of these major events are programmed into your Sun and released upon agreed schedule of expansion.

So I asked what are we going to experience during this event? And of course, physically some people can feel close to nothing and some people can be knocked right out and everything in between. The level of physical emotional and mental discomfort within a programmed expansion point is entirely based on the level of resistance or flow within an individual human and their consciousness. (That’s a biggie. I really good one to remember! So stay in Flow!!)

Cosmo says Humanity will feel a giant step, for as time speeds up in the second half of your 2019 these expansion points become what humans would call much more intense. They are just greater stages of expansion, enabling one to take bigger leaps. Each time Humanity goes through one of these points and we expand, we are in what is called a higher frequency band –  we move up, like traversing up a funnel. Therefore, the next one is an even bigger jump and we will be in an even greater frequency band. So it appears to me that (re) Ascension is accomplished within expansion points and the journey is measured in exponential advancement.

Indeed, my cosmic Soul spark replies, that is how it happens. Understand that even as a Human, when you remember a little bit of something, the rest of it comes flooding back into your mind. When you are learning something and you get to the functioning point, the rest falls into place and you understand how to complete the task. It is much like that with your quantum leaps in Soul expansion, (re) Ascension.

You will find that this Tuesday will be a major one. When using the Moon to deliver the programming, the shift in magnetic resonance is far greater for your planet and Humanity.

If you have the opportunity we would suggest going to a quiet place, perhaps being in nature, where you can swim in the availability of the frequency bands. You are tempted to “process” this as bombardment of higher frequencies and we will say that is a statement complete with resistance. For those in pure Flow, it is simply a beautiful opportunity to swim beyond the current frequency limitations your bodies experience.



Anchored In A New Frequency

Anchoring a new FrequencyI am hiking during my morning meditation and I can see the colors of the frequencies zipping through the sky. The frequencies are spreading fast. More colors, more movement, a lot closer to the ground than I’ve ever seen. Still in the sky but not way up in the atmosphere.

I’m told, look around on your planet to the expansion that is now anchored within Gaia. For this was a great leap the Humanity took these past few days of your time. Now that you have anchored in a much more expansive experience it can unfurl and unfold from there and shift reality minute-by-minute day-by-day. For as Humanity, for your Ascension, you chose some leap points to bring expansion and you chose some quiet unfurling points. It is much like you are treadmill running, you’re now at high intensity. This weekend was a sprint and you anchored in a new baseline frequency for Humanity and for Gaia. Now it is time to bask in that frequency, immerse yourself and make it your own, remain in that expansiveness and that will trigger the unfurling of so many beings in your Humanity.

There are those that will begin to anchor into that vibrational band and there are those that anchored in as you did and will continue to unfurl. Remember, as you increase your expansive vibration, you are assisting all those with that same desire whether it’s a human desire or an inner soul self-desire. The one affects the all and the all affects the one. So we ask of all of you take some time to go inward to feel this vibration that appears new to you, a frequency so much closer to home, to your true self. Feel it within, see the colors, hear the tones, commune with beings. Immerse yourself fully and you will witness exponential growth and not only in your life, but in those of the loved ones around you. We can say, you would also see the exponential growth in beings across the planet but we understand that in your current relational experience you do not witness the all. But you are witnessing the several and it is a beautiful sight is it not?

We asked all of Humanity to continue imagining a better Earth, a more beautiful Earth, more love and joy and peace and harmony. For it is much easier to create in this current time on your planet. For those vibrations of love and joy and peace and harmony are far more accessible in your current vibrational band than they ever have been, in this experience on Earth. We are saying you are so much closer to New Earth.


Mother’s Day Light Body

MOther's Day Light BodyIt’s Mother’s Day today and I feel all of our galactic brethren around me. Why are there are so many beings, collectives, so close to our frequency today? And they reply, especially in your country, love from others, the love and compassion and beautiful feelings of Joy are pouring out today and that raises your planetary vibration, the vibration of humanity, so much that that which was hidden is no longer. It is more visible not only to you but just so many other lightworkers, as you call yourselves. This is a beautiful day to spread the joy and watch as so many others reactivate their multi-dimensional DNA, travel to their True Self. This is a momentous day indeed. We are very thrilled for your assistance, for we are vibrating, emanating our frequency in all your time on your planet. there is nothing like humans themselves raising their own vibration. That is so very powerful!

Enjoy this expansion, revel in it, encode it in your DNA so that you may always return to this frequency, for as you return for yourself, for your enjoyment, you are also returning in service to all. Returning to expanding the vibration across your planet. So we ask you revel in it, memorize it, know it to be your true nature, this excitement, this joy, this visual of so many other beings that are actually here with you.

Remember for yourself than in this frequency, in this expansion, you no longer need to suffer the effects of 3D Earth. You no longer need to experience sadness, fear, suffering. In this vibration you can easily create all that you desire. And we are not talking materialistically, we are referring to the joy within your heart, the reconnection to your Soul Self, for it is that joy and bliss and contentment that brings anything else you could want in your life. And why? Because that joy expands your personal vibration and puts you into 5th Dimension, into New Earth, and that is where your dreams of expanded awareness lie.

It is not creating it in this reality or timeline. It is already waiting for you in another timeline and raising your vibration is how you reach it. How you reach all that you desire, all that you’ve known to be true, to be possible.

Look at your skin, feel your Light Body shimmering above your arms & above your legs. See yourself expanding into your Light Body, knowing you are bigger than this body you hold on Earth. Feel the expansion, feel the shimmering, feel your Multi-Dimensional Self uniting with The One, The All, Unity Consciousness. When you are in this state all is possible. In your Light Body, in your Multi-Dimensional Consciousness you will feel and sense other realities, other timelines. It then becomes easy to shift your focus to another timeline and enjoy the experience of that reality.

Go To Your Happy Place

Actively Choose Your VibrationAs you ascend you find that the lower frequencies are too much chaos and it becomes difficult for you. So you segregate yourself which maintains your higher personal frequency, although in the human incarnation it is difficult to avoid work and the grocery store and so many other tasks to be completed outside of your sanctuary.

Therefore it behooves you to anchor yourself into the higher frequencies and maintain that emanation throughout your day. You humans have a saying: go to your happy place. And we are telling you to stay in that happy place throughout your day and when you notice that your thoughts are your emotions have strayed to something lower vibrational, bring yourself back. Call upon a happy place or that happy feeling and return yourself. For you are multi-dimensional being of unconditional love and divine light, it is your right, your ability to maintain your multi-dimensional state at all times. This means even when you are in the throes of 3D drama.
This reminds me of HeartMath, which has an exercise where you take a few deep breaths, then pull up in your mind a picture of something that makes you very happy (puppies, family, a memory, etc) and spend 30 seconds in that state, then return to present. You’ve returned to a higher vibration in which to solve any issue.


Act Like A Walk-In

Walk-insThe walk-ins on your planet have come in to assist with re Ascension. The key to entering this reality is to maintain your multi-dimensional state of being rather than sinking into the lower frequency of 3D Humanity. You are not here to participate in this 3D game, you are here to change it. Emotions other than love such as anger or victimhood or shame or sadness or fear in any other form do not have a place in your multi-dimensional self.

We understand coming down to earth if you wish to experience some of the 3D abilities such as fear. For those that wanted to experience that, they were born in a human life. The walk-ins and we refer to all of them, arrived to impart a higher frequency on this planet. By interacting with Humanity in their native, more expansive frequency, walk-ins can assist humans in expansion, in reconnecting to their multi-dimensional awareness.

So we asked of all walk-ins, do not fall into the trap of humanity, of lowering your vibration and your awareness to participate in a game that you inherently know is untrue. We ask that you focus every moment on your multi-dimensional awareness and on sending waves of higher frequency, waves of expansion and re Ascension, throughout Humanity, a meditation, and daily interaction, and the way you comport yourself. For this is your mission, you came here to wake up others not to fall asleep yourself.

It is far too easy to lower your vibration to take a particular human job. There is no need for that. This is not an endeavor to match your vibration to the surrounding areas, it is rather an opportunity to remain in your vibration, you were frequency no matter where you are immersed. In that way you were giving others the opportunity to entrain to your higher frequency. that is what they asked for. So we again ask of you, maintain the most expensive frequency possible in any given moment, remain in your multi-dimensional awareness while simultaneously participating in seemingly 3D actions. You will find that you can do your human tasks from a multidimensional perspective, it is possible especially in your current now on your planet of transitioning frequencies.

Jumping Timelines

Jumping Timelines​I asked what is the next step in our evolution, re Ascension? My Arcturian Collective comes back with:  there are not steps, it is a sliding scale much like your volume knob on your electronics. You can go up, down, forward, back, expand, contract. There is only one process, opening yourself, expanding your personal vibration and as you continue to do so you will find more connections, coincidences, abundance, You move more and more into your Multi-Dimensional Self. Once you have connected to a great degree you will find that you are living in that higher state of being, which is a higher Dimension. Many of you call it your 5th Dimensional New Earth. You will see when you are inviting a higher vibration, you are free to go most anywhere. You have that ability. Whether it is New Earth or Venus or an Arcturian Starship or Pleiadian one, it does not matter. Your intention will transport you wherever you focus.

We see one of the biggest hurdles for humans as they re-ascend and expand their vibration is the ability to participate in simultaneous realities. We understand that in third dimension it is perceived that you only have access to 1 reality, 1 timeline 1 action 1 unfoldment. But the truth is you are everywhere at once doing everything. That is what we wish for you to practice in your 3D life. If you were going to go to the store and you chose not to, while you’re sitting at home you picture yourself at the store, picking up groceries, taking items off your list. Imagine it until it feels real. Imagine how you can sit at home while you go to the grocery store. Another exercise you may find quite helpful is switching very quickly from reality to reality or timeline jumping as humans call it.
Go within, reconnect with your Multi-Dimensional Mind and intend yourself on New Earth. Participate in that reality for a few minutes then intend yourself on a Pleaidian Starship and participate fully in that reality for a few minutes. Next put yourself in a certain situation, perhaps an Arcturian Starship and participate in that. Then begin to switch from one reality to another slowly and then, like that volume knob, turn it up and go faster. You will find you come to a point that you can easily connect to all three just as if you were cooking dinner with three burners on your stove top going at once. You can see them all. You simply turn to focus on each one a little more, seeing that the others do not go away, they’re just a bit in the background or just not as concentrated on as the primary one. We ask that you practice this exercise daily and you will find yourself far more anchored in your Multi-Dimensional Beingness.

Trust That It’s Happening, We’re Doing It!

As I tune into Sandra Walter’s meditation this morning I noticed many more colors and stronger colors on the planet and I noticed new beings around us, assisting us. This particular being steps forth and he looks almost like a lion head and a humanoid body almost like wizard of Oz. And he tells me that they recognize each and every human as a unique being and they have been assisting us for quite some time in our reality. I asked if I’ve had an Incarnation on that planet and he says yes at once. You have as you have our source code in you but not every human on your planet has a spark of our source code within, which is what he labels DNA. He says not every being has incarnated as every being so they’re only some that carry that genetic makeup into their Earth lives. He also said that his collective were in 3D also at one point and now they are between 5 and 6, that it depends on the unique individuality of each being on his planet. That is one of the reasons they are assisting because they have gone through the great leap from 3D to 5D.

I then asked no one in particular what’s going on where are we at now? And I find myself with the Solar Elohim. They tell me, do not concern yourself with the past several months of your time for you have participated grandly, perhaps only in your sleep, perhaps with every positive action in your waking moments. You must believe that you have participated fully for we have seen your participation. We have seen your growth, your expansion.
That’s yet another reassurance that we are all assisting in (re)Ascension even if we feel we aren’t doing our part. We always are, remember that!
I then asked, what is next, how can I assist further and they tell me continue as you are for you are assisting. It does not have to be with your human conscious mind, that Focus, that awareness, that measures your assistance. Know in your soul that you are always assisting. Know that on your planet to expand to your next level of dimensional awareness you very much must clear out anything that is holding you back. And we define anyting as what you call cellular trauma as any beliefs or memories or even desires. Understand that everything that is not in the flow is resistance, is holding you back.
So I show them a picture of a very unpleasant interaction with a potentially violent, quite unstable person that I experienced recently and they say, yes that played out beautifully, you two participated beautifully. If you could see the bigger picture, if you tune in with your multi-dimensional awareness you will see how necessary it was for him to see his effect on you and others, for him to experience that revelation that prompted him towards more growth, more expansion. And as for you, you cleared out a very great chunk of trauma you were carrying around with you that influenced your relationships with men. We see your expansion, we note the higher level of assistance you are providing to others on the path of Ascension after your clearing.
That reminds me that Earth incarnation is not meant to be all roses and chocolates. We are here to experience what we do not choose to participate in within higher dimensions. Where we “grow” is within the ease and grace of processing the experience and releasing trauma, beliefs, etc. We will still experience but how we flow through those experiences is how joyful and abundant our lives will be.
I change directions again and ask so what is next, how can I assist,  how can I be of greatest service now. And they laugh again and say continue what you’re doing, you are doing it. With your own clearing you’re doing it, with the clearing you’re assisting others with, you are doing it. With Humanity you are doing it, for what you do with one you do with all. Yes we have more eclipses coming up and there will be points, if you will, of very intense energy. There are others in your Humanity at different stages of Revelation that have requested these mighty reminders of their reAscension. So remember when you see an earthquake or a car accident or an argument or a marriage or a birth, they are all those humans; methods of moving past what prevents them from returning to their True Multi-Dimensional Selves. Those are all trigger points of frequency, expansion, and know that they requested them all, they scheduled them all so welcome them whether you deem them good or bad, welcome them in your life in others; lives knowing that is what you have asked for to move forward, to move beyond.
I take my leave of the solar Elohim  with much gratitude and a Golden Glow in my aura.
I move on to my Pleiadian Self and I’m holding my  Pleiadian  soulstones which are a pink and an aqua Andaran Crystal.
As I call my Pleiadian couple and they appear, explaining that there are far more of my Humanity that have reconnected with their  Pleiadian Selves in the past two months. therefore I’m going to meet many other  Pleiadian souls that I know on this Earth to be humans. I welcome that and I asked them what’s next, how can I assist the most and they say, oh beloved you are doing that. You are assisting every day, believe it. So I asked about some potentials I had recently seen and they replied,all in Divine timing. Understand that you have pre-scheduled your clearing and you are shifting in your expansion just as others are. There comes a time on your planet where you are destined to experience a particular event. And they’re showing me the greatest gift I can give myself, which I also give to Humanity, is patience and positivity. Remain positive that every action and interaction is a step forward, is an expansion. Therefore every reaction should be considered for its expansion capabilities.
They’re inferring when you are feeling off track or threatened or hampered or angry or sad or so many other emotions in the vast human scale, before you react, before you take action, consider that this entire incident was orchestrated by your Soul Self for your own growth. Remember you asked for this because it is necessary or chosen for your growth and look at it as such. Do not look at the cloud, look at the silver lining and thank Source for it. And react with that gratitude and kope and faith and love in your heart and in your entire Self.
When you choose every action and reaction based on love and gratitude, faith and trust and hope, you will quickly shift your timeline projectory. Meaning you will reach your goals faster which assists Humanity in reaching their goals faster. And there is only one goal, return to Love. Return to Love, return to One. Each and every human will always retain their individuality, like your Arcturian Collective, they are 11th dimensional and while they function as one, you have clearly interacted with individual energies within the one. So know that Humanity can never lose their uniqueness, their individuality. But moving through dimensions and expanding each as frequency returns you to the One, to the Multi-Dimensional Mind, to pure Source energy. Remember you are the One and you are the All.
The Divine Feminine energy of Gaia and my Soul Self steps in and continues: Every step you take has a reason. Utilize your faith and trust to know you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be and when it is time to release that experience, to complete it, you shall. With love and grace and compassion and faith and trust. Always remember you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. If you wish to be somewhere else then display the love and gratitude and compassion and hope and faith and trust where you are now and envision that path leading to where you want to be for all of your desires are simply another reality another timeline. One that you can access. As you access other timelines you release your experiential desires in the current timeline, therefore as your focus shifts your hold on the current timeline also shifts. In a sense you complete that experience more quickly for it is a direct correlation, the completion to the focus the awareness and the positivity in any one timeline reality. So continue to shine positivity on current situations, your current reality as you spend time and energy and primary focus and awareness in the timelines of your deepest desires.
Understand the 2019 is the year of creation, the year of manifestation. Yes there are areas that you have cleared out and resolved very well and there are others that you have yet to complete. There are many on your planet that have areas yet to complete but we will tell you the completion is much easier in this energy than it was in your previous year. And we will tell you you are doing it, we see you do it. We are watching, we are assisting, and it is happening for you. So return to that positivity return to that firm belief that it is happening for you in every step you take is a step forward whether you’re human ego mind perceives that or not. When you can’t see the forward initiative in that step then simply believe in it with full faith and trust. Know it to be true whether you can visually see it with your human mind or not. You cannot see air and you know it is true that you breathe it and you are alive because of it. Think of expansion like air, it is always happening and it is true so always believe that every action and shift is a step forward in your reAscension. And also believe that every moment that is a step forward for you is also step forward for your Humanity for the all learn from the one in the all experience for the one. You may believe you are on all individuals on Earth but we see you as a collective and we see the ripple effect from anyone action. Trust us you are affecting the All and in a beautiful and positive way, so we implore you to continue. Know that you have our love and our support and our awareness in every moment of your journey, your return to True Self. For you have begun reAscension and there is no stopping it, it is unfolding beautifully every moment in your time.

Split Screen TV

Yes this is another grand influx of photonic frequency on your planet. Remember again you program this, you set this up, you asked for this. Know that everything is going according to your Incarnational plan. And it is going beautifully! We asked you to look at the sad and scary events on your planet as growth and cleansing and clearing as you to asked for these.

If it excites your heart it is an experience and if it burns your heart it is an experience. Remember only in 3rd Dimension do you label experiences and emotions as good or bad. This polarity and duality does not exist in more expansive dimensions. therefore everything is simply an experience. We are just as thrilled for each and every human that has experience they contracted whether they categorize it good or bad.

Let us stick with 5D for now, your New Earth. You believe you have not visited New Earth or Inner Earth for quite some time as you were away on a trip. But that simply is not true. In your human sleeping time your multi-dimensional awareness is still quite active. So you have been doing the “work” and fulfilling your mission each and every day of your human existence. You simply don’t sense that connection for it is not work, it is a state of being. It is not actions, it is not doing, it as being. The truth is you simply don’t sense it while your human consciousness is focused on human things, on action, doing, reacting.

That is key for Humanity, to maintain human conscious focus on multi-dimensional awareness and state of being. And yes it is possible! It is actually quite easy with practice. Humans allow themselves to fall into victim perpetrator roles, to fall in to act and react, to fall into polarity and duality. It is your known existence, it is comfortable, so there you remain. But that is not the path to New Earth or to returning to your True multi-Dimensional Self.

(Re) Ascension requires you to maintain human focus on your multi-dimensional awareness. How can that be done? Repetition. How does one create a new habit for this is just another habit. You have heard of those that keep a rubber band on their wrist and snap it every time they realize they have lost their new habit. That is but one way. You could set a timer on your cell phone or watch, set for once an hour to take a few minutes to shift your human focus into your multi-dimensional awareness and visit New Earth and have an experience there. That experience will float within your human consciousness for quite a time period (lasting effects).

Continue to do this every hour for a few days perhaps and then change it to every half an hour and then to every 15 minutes. And by the end of two weeks you would be every 5 minutes and you would no longer need that alarm, you would continue to shift back and forth quite easily. This is but one method, there are many many more.

Whatever method you choose we asked you to continue with it until you are able to shift your human consciousness focus quickly and easily into your multi-dimensional awareness. This can easily enact your split screen awareness that you have experienced this year. Whether it is top and bottom or left and right you can see your human existence in one screen and your multi-dimensional beingness in the other and you can coexist side by side. That is an inkling of what true multidimensional existence is. Seeing, being, doing everything at once and understanding it all is the root of multi-dimensionality so split screen exercises move you in that direction. And it’s quite fun!

You asked what is going to happen this weekend with your grand holiday of gratefulness today going into mass consumerism, mixed with photonic blasts of expansive frequencies that feel new to you. Yes it could feel intense, overwhelming, or it could feel like a nice warm bath or walk in nature. It is all how you flow with a frequency. Resistance can hurt, it can certainly be uncomfortable. Flow takes that uncomfortableness and turns it into excitement. Contentment. So we suggest when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the frequencies let them all hit you, wash over you, knowing with glee that you are absorbing all of them, you are doing this, and you are expanding your human self, Re Ascending! Remind yourself that these blasts are not only called for by your Soul Self, they are the tool you are using to return to your Multi-Dimensional Self, your True Self. So be grateful for these blasts and know that you are integrating them no matter how they may feel at any given moment. You are succeeding in immersing yourself in them and expanding your own personal frequency bandwidth.

So on this day of your holiday we ask you to be grateful to yourself that you have expanded in this beautiful (Re) Ascension process and continue to do so. And remember always that you are loved and we are always with you and within you.

The Ancients Speak

I’m in the redwood forest in Northern California and basking in the feeling of Ancient Ones, very ancient civilizations and energy, the likes of which we have not seen in current times. Makes me wonder if the Native Americans centuries ago vibrated this highly. The way the Hopi talk in Northern Arizona about Star people I think there was a great difference in frequency before white man took over USA. I asked the trees if they have a message for me, Humanity & for (Re) Ascension.

“Yes little one, our message is to persevere, to expand yourself into the nothingness that is the everything. As we stand here in our simplicity and our existence, we are the epitome of nothingness which is the all. You can find that within yourself and touch that spot deep inside where the spark of your soul lives, where that very expansive ancient energy of what you speak resides. The more often you visit that space deep within yourself the more you run the expansive frequencies throughout your bodily systems so the higher, more expansive you will vibrate on a normal basis.”

“And yes your ancient human Native Americans did live a much more expansive frequency, living closer to Gaia and far closer to Star People than you would ever imagine. Your channeling of Arcturians and Pleiadians is nothing new, for the Star People were the very guides to Native Americans centuries ago.”

“Your Industrial Revolution began a frequency descent of which you Humanity are now beginning to dig yourself out of. You are now re=centered in your Souls and finding your Fifth Dimension.”

“We wish for all of Humanity to connect deep in the forest or on the lakes and oceans,  to return to a truer vibration. You will find in your 5th Dimensional New Earth much more nature much more easily accessible. And in 5th Dimension you return to total communication with nature, meaning you can hear the trees talk, you communicate with the animals, you understand the wind. You’re wood sprites and elemental are your friends in higher dimensions as you simply don’t realize their existence in your current Transitional Earth state.”

“With the energy of (Re) Ascension you can return to this forest over and over. Bi-locating is quite possible, simply focus your energy on these trees and put yourself back here anytime you’d like to re-align and expand your frequency.”

I asked the trees what they know of the upcoming photon blasts and portal openings and all that stuff. Their response was, “we know nothing of all of ,that we are here simply to caretake the expansive frequencies in order for Humanity to partake for we experience all frequencies always.”

“Open your heart Little One, always believe that everything is possible. it is all here, love, career, health, home. It is all here now in a frequency band, a reality, a timeline. Choose that one, live in that one and you will see all things possible come true.”

I sat for a long time in those trees and dissolved into the nothingness that is everything…